Owning a Pink TESLA Model 3 Performance with Kevryn Lim! (Supercar Performance, Kids & Sentry Mode)

Teslas are now becoming more common in Singapore as electric vehicle (EV) adoption accelerates in the country. In this video, I speak with Kevryn Lim, owner of a striking pink Tesla Model 3 Performance, on her experience getting and using a Tesla in Singapore. Subscribe to stay updated to more videos on Tesla!

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00:00 Kevryn’s Journey from TSLA to Tesla Owner
03:11 Addressing Concerns with EV Charging
06:39 Pink Tesla Model 3 Performance!
09:10 Supercar Performance in a Sedan Body
10:48 Glass Roof Practical in Singapore’s Heat?
11:28 Running a Car on Touch Screen
12:28 Getting Used to Driving a Tesla
14:18 Sentry Mode Demonstration!
17:46 Tesla’s Appeal to Female Drivers?
19:29 Space in a Tesla Model 3?
20:17 Child’s Favourite Feature on a Tesla?
21:10 Any Regrets Getting a Tesla?
21:59 Tips for New Tesla Owners in Singapore!
23:19 Close

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Disclosure: I am long TSLA and am a member of Tesla Owners Singapore Club. This is not financial advice and represents our personal opinions only.


  1. Oh, that's a pink wrap not a paint job. It's like her Barbie car, not a Corvette but her pink Tesla… very nice

  2. Love this. It's great to see not just guys who are fans of Tesla but a good equal gender mix in the growing adoption!

  3. Pink Tesra is so cute and cool. Thank you for sharing a nice video as always, Daren ! 👍

  4. Something difference from performance cars are the seats. Tesla just can’t adjust the seat as low as sports car. Irritating. Other than that, all good!

  5. Another winning guest and excellent discussion. Absolutely love these interviews. Great meeting so many interesting Singaporeans — around the world, people have so much in common . The Singapore tourist bureau should be thanking you for being such a great ambassodor for your country…Tesla too!! SoCal Freddy

  6. Im kinda disappointed when most of Daren’s interview with Tesla owners, the focus point is the number of charging facilities. Why there isn’t any Tesla owners complaint about the high road tax, insurance and even COE? It is quite obvious that only the rich can buy a Tesla and Govt dont seem to intend to come out with moves to soften the coe, re-categorize the coe, lower road tax… how do we lower n middle income ever support the change in EV?

    Tbh, if the price of an EV is much much lower than usual, im sure there will be people making a change regardless if there are sufficient charging port or not.

    I would love to change to an EV.. but how to tank $100k coe, $3000 road tax… in Kevryn’s case.. it’s $5000+ road tax…

    Recently just receive a msg from KIA Sales… for goodness sake.. the base model of EV 6 (1st batch coming in July) also cost $231,999. How to change? If Govt is not helping, everyone will still drive a ICE car… 😖

  7. It's so great to see this movement growing and to get the chance to watch Tesla grow again even with them being as big as they are today. I'm glad she is enjoying her vehicle as must love the $$$ saving from not having to pay for petrol!

  8. Great video Daren. Pink wrap definitely stands out Kevryn. Good to see EV adoption big time in Singapore. Model 3 owner from Canada 👍

  9. Hi Daren, thanks as always. Maybe next time can ask your guests what their previous car(s) was and how the experience compares w their teslas?