How Long Does It Take To Charge A Tesla Model 3? – Average Charging Trip

In this video we try to answer a question most people might ask about owning an electric car: How long does it take to charge? Let’s find out!

0:00 The Charging Question
1:57 Waiting for the Tesla Supercharger
3:00 Charge Faster with a Lower Battery
3:26 First few minutes of Charging
4:26 Realizing Camera Angle is Messed Up
5:18 How Much Charge after 10 Minutes?
5:42 How Much Charge after 15 Minutes?
6:17 20 Minutes of Charging = 2/3 of Battery Charged
7:22 Hitting 75% State of Charge
7:58 Charging Complete
8:17 The Answer & Thoughts on Charging