tesla 3:1

tesla 3:1 stock split announcement was made on Friday after market closes. Monday 6/13 is the first day after the announcement. In this video, I provide my thoughts and analysis as well as probability assessment on how the stock will fare the week of 6/13


  1. i wonder if there is any possibility that Tesla could change or amend the split to 4 to 1 or 5 to 1 IF the market were to improve? Has a company ever did this before? or is the news of a split set in stone with no possibility of an adjustment?

  2. I'm holding on to my dry powder till this recession blows over. The dip isn't finish dipping; the hole gets deeper. I had a plan to buy after the Q2 call. After the last split it dropped for a week before moving back up. For now, I'm rethinking not doing anything. Who knows what going to happen in the future?

  3. Phi, Are you feeling extra good about your new Tesla car, because you're not paying high gas prices and not waiting in line for gas?

  4. An hour before the market opens, it's a bloodbath for growth stocks. I'll be looking for an opportunity to convert some TSLA shares to LEAPS.

  5. We are back to old lines “Don’t fight the FED” spilt doesn’t matter just wait for the dust I mean inflation numbers to settle down.

  6. The reversal is setting up. When it is forced to happen, it will be sharp and move up forcefully.