Tesla Raises Prices on ALL Models AGAIN | Up To $6000 Increase

Tesla Raises Prices Again, Tesla Demand, New Tesla Factory, Tesla Autopilot NHTSA Investigation, Enhanced Autopilot returning, and more!

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  1. Tesla a lot of quality problems, low cost interior materials, long wait time for repairs in some locations, and extra long body shop parts wait. Yes I want to pay and over premium price for not a premium care to be Cool?

  2. People complain about dealerships gouging customers. Tesla is doing the same thing just cutting out the middleman.

  3. Anyone calling “greed” on this Is simply out of line. Inflation is a big issue, and with such a long wait time Tesla has no choice but to raise prices to anticipate increased costs for everything. Let’s not forget unlike most companies Tesla is very mindful of their mission and also has when possible cut costs to raise adoption. No reason to not think prices will fall at least in part over time.

  4. Chevys got a EV at 30k and others will continue to make them that affordable. Not as fast or as heavy in tech but with gas this high those high speeds and tech won’t help Tesla. I’d buy a new Bolt right now if I had to buy a new car bc Tesla has told those of us in the working class and lower income people they aren’t interesting in providing an affordable option and took the one car close to affordable and make it almost 50k instead of 36k. All while Elon sits on money he couldn’t spent in 100 lifetimes and lays off 10% of his workers further delaying deliveries

  5. Govt has it out for Tesla for being nonunion and its irresponsible to push data that isnt normalized… fake news…

  6. I really don’t agree with your point – Tesla has always claimed to be an ethnically driven company – if so increasing the price at the rate they have = greed. Taking h advantage of increase in demand and jacking up the prices. Yeah yeah – parts issue – blah blah blah =bullshit .. Tesla is just talking advantage of the market and by doing so in an accelerate , unethical rate off increase .. it drives people like me out of the market for a Tesla – a car I would have saved for – however since the price keeps climbing unrealistically – I am unfortunately not able to afford the Tesla solution for me and my family – I will be looking elsewhere sadly. I am sure there are many people in my position where we were hopeful to purchase a Tesla – but much like the housing marking will not reach this goal due to simple economic GREED .. I feel like I have been taken advantage of financially …

  7. This is getting out of hand!! I do not have a Tesla yet but looking to get one. In NC, I'm seeing 2018 – 2020 Model S inventory that's less than a used Model 3 of the same years. Do you think it's worth getting a used Model S between 2018-2020 over a Model 3?

  8. And this was supposed to be the for the people model. What an embarrassment has tesla become.

  9. As a family trying to save up for a model Y, it's frustrating. As someone heavily invested in $tsla, I'm not mad at all 😂


  11. Yet “they” are wondering why everyone isn’t just rushing out and buying a new one.

  12. Price increases doesn't betray their mission. As you said they sell every car they make. 1 car sold is 1 more green car on the road, regardless who paid how much for it.

  13. I have given up on buying a tesla. I have just put a deposit on a BYD Atto 3, which is available in 3 months. Best bang for the buck, I can learn more about EVs through owning this car and when it comes time to upgrade the EV choice and availability, battery chemistry, charging stations etc etc etc should be greatly expanded. Thanks for helping me make the choice elon.

  14. The rise in price is not targetted for those who cannot afford. Raise it so we can have a cheap Tesla sooner and make the company Global household name. Same as roadster philosophy.

  15. Business is business as always. I really dont think they would ever slash the price

  16. designed on purpose to be opened in China. They could have simply w8ed few days and claim 35K'th was opened in some US state, not in China lolz

  17. Crazy !!! – Model Y is over $ 70,000 OTD without FSD. How is Tesla having so many orders ? Did not realize that there are more than a million+ people waiting in line to buy a $70k+ vehicle. Is it due to supply chain issues or Tesla that popular ?

  18. Sorry Ryan, but I don't know why enhanced Autopilot with lane changing, auto park, etc… is so popular. What ever happened to the joys of driving, where YOU are responsible for all that driving entails. Just saying…🏎️

  19. I wonder if there should be a Tesla Supercharger Subscription for non-Tesla cars where the earnings from the subscription can go directly to rapidly expanding the super charger network. Is there anything like that happening or in the works?

  20. Auto makers need to charge what ever price they need to for EVs. It won't do anyone any good if they can't meet production or go out of business. Customers who can't afford the expensive ones do still have options, just not a Tesla for right now. One thing to remember is that every EV sold takes demand away for gas. Imagine how expensive gas would be if all EV drivers went back to driving a gas powered car. I had hoped we would see cheap EVs by now but we are still in the early adopter prices. Those who can afford them are still doing everyone a favor by buying them.

  21. So much for Tesla making an affordable electric car. Disgusting how expensive these cars are. I 100% support electric vehicles, but someone MUST make them affordable to the masses in order to really enact change. This is still a luxury vehicle.

  22. I was waiting for 4680 cells in the model Y. I think they are now overpriced. I can now say I'll wait for their competitors to become available.

  23. Enhanced Autopilot is available here in New Zealand now. It's $5700 NZD and FSD is $11,400 NZD. These convert to $3600 USD and $7200 USD.