Comparison between Enhanced Autopilot vs Basic Autopilot vs Full Self Driving Capability in Australia for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y

00:00 Introduction
00:29 Basic Autopilot
00:55 Example of Basic Autopilot
02:14 Basic Autopilot Score
02:36 Enhanced Autopilot
02:58 Auto Lane Change
03:13 Example of Auto Lane Change
03:42 Auto Lane Change Score
04:04 Navigate on Autopilot
04:22 Example of Navigate on Autopilot
05:07 Navigate on Autopilot Score
05:26 Autopark Example and Score
06:00 Summon Explained
07:08 Full Self Driving Capability Explained
08:23 FSD Capability Score
09:20 Final Report Card



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  1. My main reason for not upgrading to FSD and other charged software upgrade features such as the acceleration boost for my 2022 LR M3 is that the software upgrades don't carry over if you sell and upgrade your Tesla car in the future. Not sure why Tesla doesn't enable this since the software upgrades are already tied to your Tesla account so technically shouldn't be a hard thing to do. Personally I like to upgrade my car every 3-5 years so blowing $10K on FSD and another $2K on the acceleration boost doesn't make much financial sense if it means I will lose those upgrades when I upgrade my car to a 2025 Model 3 in a few years time

  2. Hi Tom, I have had a pretty good experience with NoA and I think it has improved with recent updates. In particular, it use to not move into the start of a long exit lane that I use every day but it does now. Maybe it is worth giving it another try?

  3. Thanks Tom, this was a really useful summary.
    Two points:
    wrt 'phantom breaking' with Basic Autopilot – the times I find it most annoying/dangerous is on rural highway driving when there is an intersection and a vehicle is crossing across in front of you. As the driver you can tell that there is plenty of time and don't need to slow down but the car brakes heavily.
    Even with Basic Autopilot the display will show traffic lights but I've noticed that it rarely picks up filter arrows correctly – what's your experience using FSD?

  4. I ordered FSD model Y for my mum to lock in the price enabling her to own a car that will develop into a full self driving service for her in a few years especially if she’s unable to drive then physically.
    Elon has said FSD will increase in price I believe it will reach $100,000 + and this is a bet on the improving technology

  5. thx for that. Unfortunately, $5000 is out of my price range right now and i don't really think it's worth it either. However, if i had a spare $5000 lying around, i'd probably get it

  6. Hi Tom , sadly here in uk most of all the features with my FSD have now been banned to list a few, no more auto lane change ,auto park has never worked, smart summon only if you are with in 2 meter of your car which is pointless . been a total waste of money. eu and un regulation has blocked most of all the features .

  7. Are we going to have to pay the extra $3000 even though we put down the order at a lower listed price? That seems like a bit of a scam, to sell it for a certain price, only to raise it by 5% 6 days later and make everyone pay the extra, but after reading the contract it seems that is what they are doing…

  8. An AU RHD brand new Model Y Performance blue/silver paint with white seats and full FSD costs AU$126,999 driveaway in NSW / VIC [18th June 2022], but to the current (2022) masses who are a hard sell at the moment to them the specific Model Y I mentioned looks & feels (when sitting inside it in a showroom, not when being taken for a test drive and experiencing the 0 – 110 km speed jump) like a brand new AU$39,999 driveaway Mazda / Toyota / Hyundai ice SUV. So pretty much to them it feels like one is paying an extra $87,000 for the Tesla supercharger network and the battery tech [elimination of fuels/oils running thru the car] and the operating system software

  9. I have a 3 with FSD ON ORDER IMO this is only going to be the best outcome for me as this will allow tesla to really map Australia and like a cartoon snowball down a hill. I can see this is going to make FSD more accessible for me
    And other FSD users. I plan to keep my car for a minimum of 6 years

  10. Summon might be the answer to squeeze a model y into my garage for overnight charging. How has your experience been with it?

  11. 6:54 in the next few months and 2023 onwards would be good if an extremely wealthy youtuber/instagrammer from Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane comes to surface that owns multiple Tesla's so they can do these tests in a busy shopping centre, so that if some damage does happen (eg: to their Tesla, and other ice cars it may damage) this person just can afford to pay the costs without feeling the burden and can just laugh it off

  12. Excellent video explaining the difference between the 3 types – basic Autopilot (included, free) , EAP [Enhanced AutoPilot] (AU$5,100) , FSD [FullSelfDrive] (AU$10,100) for the Australian residents

  13. I wonder if my M3 or Y coming first
    My M3 is August October
    My MP is August November

  14. Thanks Tom, great detail as always. I'll take the chance and wait for delivery before getting EAP.

  15. I went all in with FSD just because of the potential price hike for the system. And I don’t believe the enhanced version was offered on the first days of the Tesla order day. If it did I might have gone to the enhanced instead.

  16. Hi Tom thanks for going thru these options point by point as you have given a clear understanding of the different features highlighting each each option. 🙏
    Is smart summon legal in Australia to use in a regular everyday busy car park?