Toyota's NEW Tesla Model 3 competitor – Crazy specs revealed

Toyota’s NEW Tesla Model 3 competitor – Crazy specs revealed

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  1. If the rumors, that Toyota only will build 60k this year and 50k Bz4x next year, then don't bother, unless you already have ordered one.

  2. Sam, Do you know that BYD helped China build its latest and most advanced Type 003 Fujian aircraft carrier? The Type 003 uses BYD power storage system for its state of the art electromagnetic catapult system. This is a DC storage power system that can generate and release enormous power to assist in the lift-off of military aircraft from the new aircraft carrier. The power storage system in the Type 003 is claimed to be even better and more stable than the latest US Gerald Ford aircraft carrier which uses an AC power storage system that was developed over a decade ago! Watch the YouTube video: BYD helps building China's 003 aircraft carrier

  3. Of course it going need the help of Chinese… Toyota itself is pathetic in the EV Production

  4. I live in Miami. Despite all the EV brands emerging, Tesla is still the only brand I’d consider. Tesla is nearly the only EV brand seen on the streets here. Even Bolts and Mustang Mach-Es are seldom seen. I own a 2018 Model 3 and a 2022 Model Y. Toyota and Lexus used to be my favorite brands, but no longer.

  5. please stop detailing cars that are not targeted to the US market UNLESS you tell us up front they are not coming in the near future. TOO MUCH NOISE…

  6. Why is the sedan model not capable of cracking the ton? 93mph top speed?? That's embarrassing!

  7. Toyota’s problem at the moment is to stay in the game, even artificially or at least give the impression that it is, it is exactly what they are trying to do clumsily with this “thing”…. But it’ll be pschittt all that. Or maybe prout. 😀

  8. My greatest happiness is the $ 28,000 biweekly profit I get consistently and am looking forward to get a nice telsa.

  9. Don't forget that the BYD / Toyota partnership is 50/50, so if BYD build 500,000 cars, it only counts as 250,000 each !

  10. Well normally I don't have a issue with rebadged cars and trucks for smaller companies like Mazda and Mitsubishi but I have a issue with the "Mighty" Toyota doing it. The world's biggest car manufacturer who can turn on a dime because it is so easy to make their own EVs. What loosers they are.

  11. Another rather misleading report and I don't get why you have to do this. The bz4X is manufactured by GAC in the China market only. You didn't say that. You said it's not manufactured by BYD but by GAC. But you failed to say that it is made by Toyota in Japan for the other markets. That's misleading.

    This is a story about a car that's for the China market. That should be clear in your video. The BYD/Toyota part as been reported is for the Chinese market. The bz5 sedan outside of the China market, if it is like the bz4x, will be made in Japan by Toyota as well. But that hasn't been stated. So is it possible BYD can make the sedan for the world market? Sure. But it's not stated as such. It's stated as for the Chinese market.

    As for people not knowing who BYD is, they know in China, the market where it is sold. So why are you stating that once people in the West realize that the Toyota they bought is a BYD? (Which I think is bull because it is designed and specified by Toyota) Only if the BYD made car comes to other markets would that matter and that's not yet determined. So you're jumping to conclusions. I actually don't agree with your point. Do people in China care that NIO doesn't manufacture their own cars and someone else does?

    Toyota getting in with JVs with other companies isn't anything special or new. They've done so with Subaru. With BMW. At one time they did with Tesla. So, casting this as BYD has to help Toyota make EV cars is misleading. It's a deal that makes sense for the two large carmakers.

  12. So is it just a BYD SEAL ? If so, how can you drool over the BYD yet scoff and sneer at the Toyota ?

  13. "I THINK ELECTRIC VIKING WILL BE IMPRESSED with our retrofitting all 2021 12cl. Sedans with translucent Mobile Fax Machines"
    – Mary Barrrrrrá

  14. Although Westerners know that the bZ5 is made by BYD, I think this has no effect. I think people believe that "BYD cars using the Toyota brand" are better grade/quality than "BYD cars using the BYD brand" (because many Chinese manufacturing companies can built products at almost every levels of grade/quality).
    Or in another case, I think Toyota will not export "BYD bZ5" to Europe and North America, maybe Japanese-built bZ5 or somewhere else.

  15. Why buying a car from a brand that wanted to slow down / stop EVs ?
    Toyota? Sorry, never again!

  16. Two upsides.
    With BYD making the car, it will actually get made because BYD can get BEVs made on a large scale.
    BYD will finally get cars into the USA. I don't love the fact that it will say Toyota on it, but a lot of people will, and they will sell like crazy, unless Toyota goes out of their way to sabatoge the whole thing.

  17. Toyota shows their incompetence by asking BYD to make their car. BYD engineers the electric platform and Toyota designs the dashboard.
    When they did bring the Aygo to Europe with PSA it was engineers by Toyota. This gets crazy and shows how slow they are.

  18. Byd can’t work in usa due to tariffs and no one knows the brand. Takes decade to build auto brand in usa….Tesla and Hyundai key examples

  19. Toyota has the Brand name and dealer network in the US. That would give buyer's a security blanket. However, Toyota Dealers will try to maximize their profits and people will go buy BYD at a fixed price online directly.

  20. Website suggestion: a page that lists all EVs on the market with range and base price and owner rating.
    I know for sure I am going to get confused by all the choice, and I shall want help from someone who is not trying to push me into a wrong purchase.

  21. Can you make a video explaining how beginners can make huge profit within a short period of time? I mean i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $880,000 within 4months of investing $150,000 i just need to know how

  22. My ONLY reason I would buy a BYD/TOYOTA is to get a BYD IF that was the only way to buy a BYD in the USA. Or if somehow the features were unique to this BYD/Toyota and not readily available on anything else AND it was features I needed. I’m very disappointed in Toyota. For 2 decades they provided me with flawless cars of all kinds but now they operate in ways that suggests that they protect “Big Oil”

  23. Toyada: Are you "Build Your Dream"?
    BYD: Hell, no. Build Your Darn cars otherwise 400 kg more drag added.

  24. I think this Toyota BYD concept is brilliant. You have the advanced technology, but the brand, dealers and especially service centers all around the world from Toyota. I don't think many will easily switch over to BYD in the west just because they manufacture the car. For example 99% of the people buying an iPhone have never thought about buying a Foxconn phone, because they manufactured it.

  25. People will buy it and the crossover for the same reasons they buy gas/petrol Toyotas, cause they just need a good car, not because it’s exciting. One wonders if people will trade in their Prius’ .

  26. Sorry, your audio is still off. If you postprocess your sound, you are going too high. up to -3 db is good, you are fuk in the red and clip your audio track

  27. It’s an ICE modified for electric Sam. Kia is technically more advanced but designed a year ago making Toyota obsolete before it is manufactured. The aim is to leap frog ahead in 3 years sam so basically stay away from Toyota for 3 years.

  28. People will buy it and the crossover for the same reasons they buy gas/petrol Toyotas, cause they just need a good car, not because it’s exciting. One wonders if people will trade in their Prius’ .