Do I Have New Favorite Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats? – 2022 Floor Mats!

Here is Jowua’s Website:
Use code “david w3i” for 5% off any order!

👉Accessories I have I use in my Tesla👈
Spigen Screen Protector –
Basenor Silicone Cup Holder –
Charge Lock (Red) –
Jowua Magsafe Phone Mount –
Jowua Non-Magsafe Phone Mount-
Carwiner Rear Trunk Side Organizer –
Jowua Silicone Armrest Organizer –
Jowua LED Light –
Ring Key –
Side Door Flock Storage Box –
Foldable Table –
Model 3 Velcro Rear Trunk Organizer Side Divider –
Side Door Flock Storage Box –
Jowua LED Charging Hub –
RED Armrest Cover-
White Armrest Cover-
Back Seat Storage Box –


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  1. Nice nose hair………..

    The mats look like hot garbage, better than your previous ones but still hot garbage.

  2. Another great video David….Thank you for the review of the new floor mats….

    Keep the vidoes coming….

  3. I’m a big fan of these bucket style floor mats and I like them better than the ones you replaced. What I’m not a big fan of though is how much Jowua chose to advertise their name on these mats. People complained about the 3D max logo on their mats, but these Jowua ones are even worse 🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. Hi David…You should do a video on all the recalls/repair that your Tesla needs. There are alot of ppl with issues after few months of owning a so called NEW Tesla. You should list all the problems you have encountered so far. Cheers!!