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Tesla drivers and Tesla Autopilot are put to the test with bad drivers, idiots in cars and Human Pilots in Episode 144 of Teslacam Stories.

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Teslacam Stories is a series of Tesla owners real experiences told by the Tesla Dashcam and Sentry Mode videos. All incidents are recorded from Tesla vehicles and submitted to this channel by other Tesla enthusiast. I contact each person who send me their videos to talk with them and learn more about their story and to follow up what happened after what we see on their video. Voice over and captions are added to describe what happened, and why. I believe that this additional information regarding the incident gives the videos a newsworthy value.

From the footage and additional information, a viewer can learn the consequences of bad driving and can educate his/her self with better driving safety. This process also gives the videos a great educational value. It is my desire to add my own unique and creative value in a transformative way to ensure you enjoy and learn from the videos being presented.

⚡ Voiceover recording and editing by Ben and Melissa Anderson from the Pacific Northwest EVentures channel: @Pacific Northwest EVentures


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  1. #13 wasn't a victim of rolling coal, the smoke came every time he built up boost and changed gears.
    As many have said it's heavily modified.

    Can guarantee that of he wanted to roll coal it would be a lot worse than that.

  2. The fact the video from Alexander in Malta is so funny cuz I went to Malta a couple days ago and now I’m back home in Canada

  3. Uhh Cary needs to contact a lawyer or the insurance provider, theres a lot of legal precedent that insurance should cover the replacement cost of the vehicle, not just its original value.

  4. Lieutenant butterfingers sounds like something you might call your cat. Likes chicken… Hmm?

  5. Dear Robot Kids…who are you gonna call when your videos publishing expires. You working for it now but you will be treated like Tesla drivers?

  6. I can watch wham baam videos all day long 😸 Kinda addicted to them. Love from india 🇮🇳 to entire Wham Baam Team and Submitters.

  7. Well I've been a big fan of Wham Baam Teslacam, I already sent a clip of my Tesla but the ads with Raid Shadow Legend is too much. I understand that you want to take advantage of your notoriety to earn some money, but at least do something related to cars or Tesla… Sorry but I'm unsubscribing…

  8. “Green doesn’t mean GO. Green means look both ways before crossing the street.”-Driver’s Ed, circa 1996.

  9. Lt-Butterfingers here:) The car is still in the repair-shop. Apparently there was much more damaged than first estimated. The steering rack, entire front subframe, frunk and all the suspension on the left was destroyed. Also the driveshaft and some other driveline component.

    Estimated cost so far is over 150k nok or about 16000 usd. And i am suffering all this time in a ID.3 1st. It shakes, rattles and rolls… Feel my pain 😉

  10. 14.. just because a truck smokes doesn't mean they are "rolling coal" or even look at your strip mine fueled EV lol

  11. LT BUTTERFINGERS at 6:15 i live somewhere close there and that tesla looks like one i have seen in my under garage

  12. Na the white truck was not on purpose. Its just switching gears and stomping the juice to fast

  13. In the first video I hate when insurance company determine a car totaled when the airbags go off. I think they should've had a body shop look at it to see if it actually is totaled. Because airbag deployment means nothing.

  14. 8:34 Those narrow roads are very common in the UK. Other than major main roads, most streets are this narrow. We don’t have overly huge cars like the US/Canada so they aren’t necessary.

  15. I don't think the GMC driver tells the truth. As i see the rear seat is empty (no children's safety seat)

  16. 13 video she's is in the club it was directing to her cause the front camera caught it and coming right on the tesla

  17. Why didn't Asura let that bmw overtake him, even though it wasn't legal action? And even forced him to make a crash. In the seccond atempt it was Asura who made an ilegal action too. That's how you make people hate Teslas. Don't be surprised if you see a key skratch on your Teslas.