Tesla Model 3 | First Drive using Full Self Driving (FSD) Beta in Prince George, BC Canada!

In this video, we drive around Prince George, BC Canada using Tesla Full Self Driving beta software, and it’s incredible! Watch how it handles a crazy bicyclist on the highway. Previously I would have not recommended purchasing the FSD package but at this point, it may be worth the price (subscriptions are available monthly as well)

See part 2 here:


  1. Great training example at the end. Very useful information for the fleet. It got confused by the two driveways. Happens to humans all the time. Just like humans it will need to learn to either correct itself in the moment, or commit to the turn and turn around in the driveway. Lots of fun stuff for FSD team to work on.

  2. Not bad actually, but still doesn't live up to the autonomous fleet of taxi's hype. Would be great to see a time lapse run up to Mackenzie or south to Quesnel slowing down to highlight the kinds of things that tripped it up. Great video, thank-you.