Hertz – Vancouver Airport (YVR) – Tesla Model 3 – Hyundai Kona Electric – Sunday

Walking tour of the car rental selection of vehicles available at Hertz – Vancouver International Airport (YVR) – Sunday afternoon

Presidents Circle, Five Star, Gold aisles

– Tesla Model 3
– Hyundai Kona Electric


  1. The battery pack of an EV is so heavy that it's equal to the weight of six adults that's before the real passengers sit in. The US government will "surprisingly" announce later the repair cost of roads and bridges have tripled because of the impact the millions of EVs have had on the infrastructure not to mention ecological disaster that is involved in making and dumping the EV batteries.
    If we take curb weight to be 25% extra for Telsa Model S compared to Toyota Camry thats 550 kilograms or 1200 lb which is the weight of SIX Americans on diet 🤣🤣🤣