Australia 2022 Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor with Performance Upgrade and all packs – Performance Plus Pilot Review by Model 3 Owner Tesla Tom

With thanks to @Polestar Australia for the press car loan


00:00 Introduction
00:26 TER Tom’s EV Ranking System
01:10 Styling
03:01 Acceleration
03:38 Handling
04:15 Features
08:29 Comfort
09:26 Quality
10:05 Everyday
13:04 The Feels
13:37 Value
14:35 The Little Things
15:26 Final Score
16:29 Summary
16:40 Happy Charging!



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  1. For the last category you need to start at 10 and then subtract a point for each pet peeve / issue you find. So this car would get a 6/10.

    What did you score the Model 3 and have you given the Model Y an initial score based on a test drive yet?

  2. I see Poled Star are still lending out unroadworthy cars – no EV traingles on the number plate as compulsory since 1 Jan. 1 demerit pont and a fine of about $250 ( varies by state)

  3. Cool video Tom. Would be keen to see your review of a Model 3 with the TER scoring system as a comparison for all future review videos. Keep up the good work!

  4. Great to see a standardised scoring system. Suggest it needs your own efficiency drive loop to measure noise vibration and harshness but most of all is efficiency. Range is a short sighted value new buyers look at… Efficiency is the key to low cost EV ownership

  5. I find the screen to be one of the bigger let downs in this car, it has such wide borders, it looks like an old Samsung tablet from 10 years ago. We're in 2022 and we have screens that have no borders at all

  6. Excellent video and really good 'TER System' for future car rating on this channel. May I suggest – give a mark that is to a .1 decimal (eg: 6.7 , 8.3) and not .5 ; under 'Comfort' do a softness/hardness test with a Durometer to see how the inside feels (the inside of the doors where driver rests their right elbow/arm, arm rest on left side of driver, front area near windshield, back seats) as a lot of people touch the inside and check when they see a car for the first time ; under 'Quality' use a Paint Thickness checking-gadget to test several areas of the outside of the car and show the audience what the paint thickness number that shows up on the gadget is

  7. i have tried the polestar single motor at brisbane. very disappointing with technology onboard as there is no technology. Furthermore the staff service very poor as i have book a test drive for their polite assist package so we can compare it with tesla’s autopilot and end up with no pilot assist package at test drive

    Drive like an ordinary vehicle

  8. The Polestar2Youngling2022 got 73.5 TER score, now the real question is what TER & YouAyeEye did YounglingTom get about 25 years ago? 😀

  9. Value… you have to rate the car you are testing… not the one you want… those feature packs fitted affected other categories

  10. I wonder if the 12v socket from 12v battery is backed by the high voltage pack like a Tesla, I heard the MG ZS 12v battery goes flat when car is off meaning camping might be tricky

  11. Love this TER scoring system, easier to understand & much helpful in making EV purchase decision. Great & informative video overall! Please consider reviewing BYD Atto3 that is about to arrive to AU soon! 🙏

  12. Tom…. Thanks for this video you covered a lot and the scoring system was ok for a first one.

    BUT…some ideas for future reviews. Please be aware of dust and flare on the lens. That’s why you don’t really want to shoot in bright sunshine mostly. (I’m a documentary maker of old) The over all price range not shared, aarrgghh! Can you lease it? Servicing? Brake pad wear and cost? Are headlights- low and high – adjustable etc or any good – and this is critical in Australia with kangaroos! Maximum weight for an un-braked trailer? What was that little plug button in the charge port for? NO REAR WIPER! Almost all BEV’S miss out on this safety feature! Blind spots while driving? Repair costs for head lights? Windscreens? These would be interesting. What do you do when you have a flat? Charging infrastructure is horrid in Australia. (Thanks LNP!)
    What are the typical insurance costs? Where is it made? Ordering wait ones? Do you need to go through a dealer? Road and wind noise? Voice control – does it work easily? You talk about a rain sensor, is that about the wipers?? You shook the keys in front of the camera not giving a clear steady shot of what you were talking about.
    Does it have an app to check for security, pre-conditioning the climate controls, memory for individual drivers, Apple Car Play, Android Auto??

    Mate, an over all good effort but please be mindful of lots of little things – maybe have a list.
    Cheers and thanks.

  13. I test drove this a few days ago. I was ready to buy but I find the interior quite claustrophobic. The centre console needs a total re – think !

  14. Love you have a category called "The Feels". Very important. Amazing runthrough, like the system for sure.

  15. How tall are you? I found the rear seats to be claustrophobic in terms of head space. Also I found the front seat footwell to be quite tight with the centre console protruding in my space..

    Also the front seat cup holder situation was a bit off-putting.. It would get obnoxious quickly if you and your passenger had some coffee on a bit of a drive.

  16. Drove behind one today in Brisbane and didn’t know what it was so thanks for your great video! Constructive feedback – loads of lens flare on your interior videos which impacted what you were showing of the software – a hood or filter for your camera could reduce this. Also had loads of vibration from you interior driving shots so would be good to upgrade your gear to mitigate this. Keep up the great work!