Tesla Software Update 2022.16.2 (Non-FSD) First Impression

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FINALLY I am back and able to do non FSD updates! This is going to be fun. To you all this is probably just a nothing new update but I am coming from so far back it’s all new to those of use who just purchased a new Tesla.

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  1. This video is sponsored by Simply Carbon Fiber. Check them out here:
    Discount 10%: "CFT10"

    This is nothing more than small little updates for most of you. But this is our first update for our new Tesla Model Y. From here we will check line control, playing nice with other cars, etc. So excited to be able to do non fsd updates again. Cheers!

  2. simply changing the update preference to or from advanced can trigger updates sometimes, also helps to have it on your home wifi if only because it can upload clips of disengagements or other errors they are searching the fleet for

  3. I would appreciate if Tesla could include Stop light stops with basic autopilot. It's very dangerous without it. And yes, I know you should still be paying attention. I don't need it to move after light turns green. It just needs to decelerate when there's a stop sign or light

  4. "The fastest our roads go is 70MPH"

    Im in Indianapolis. The speed limit on 465 is mostly 50mph. But if you much less than 70, you'll get rear ended by a cop, since they like to stick around 75.

    Doesn't make the slightest lick of sense, but it's safer to confirm to the traffic around you.

  5. I've been using AP (non FSD) on city streets as much as I can since I got the car in Feb. It is as you saw, as long as the lane is clear it is great at lane keeping. It sees bicycles very early and ,like a parked car in the road, it will just decelerate fast. My issue is the same as someone else posted. Most times it does not accelerate fast enough to keep up with the car in front of you like a normal person would. But 20% of the time, from a stop, it will accelerate almost too fast trying to keep up with the car in front until about 10mph and then again back to grandma acceleration. Pretty sad since it is not for lack of horsepower. My conclusion is AP (vision based) is best in class at lane keeping, but quite lacking at maintaining a consistent follow distance. This hasn't really improved the entire time I've had it. Feb 2022 – June 2022.

  6. I just got my Tesla but don’t really trust autopilot on the street, mainly only use it on my way to work (freeway) early in the morning when there isn’t many cars out.

  7. You may need to put in a service request. I’ve had 3 updates in 2 weeks. Model 3 sr+ no FSD.

  8. Relaunching enhanced auto-pilot for $6,000 likely means FSD is further away than expected, even after all the delays. Also it likely means that not many people are signing on for FSD for $12,000 when it is far from being minimally proficient.

  9. Live in Orlando, if your not doing 80-90 on I4 you will get run off the road, 85MPH is a welcome addition vs holding up traffic

  10. I've never seen that mis-handling of the parked car sticking out. I've done an 1150 mile road trip in my YLR with the subscription FSD but not the Beta. I put it in NAP most of the highway stretches, not ever on the streets. I handled all the traffic perfectly, although I had 4 phantom braking incidents mostly with big semis beside me as I passed them.

  11. There shouldn't be 2 different visualizations, what's the use of having one, the better visualization allows the driver to get a better overview. Focusing on only one visualization saves resources and at the same time it serves as a demo and shows what the car could do and thus tempts you to upgrade to fsd.

  12. Like others said, auto pilot is not for city streets however I use it sometimes and I have issues like you did. I hate that in top and go traffic it takes off too fast behind the car in front of me, but other times it takes off so slow that grandma would be speeding in comparison. My car might be broken as it doesn’t seem like it will auto stop if I won’t stop it myself, it just gives me the warning but keeps going.

  13. I hope this is constructive criticism. You're too focused on comparing Autopilot with FSD. They're different animals. Also, the former is included and the latter is currently $12k. I do love your channel.