Tesla Model 3 Sale Dilemma: Life Beyond Tesla

Owning a Tesla Model 3 as your first Electric car is a problem. When you look for your second electric car, there is a struggle! It’s challenging to find a clear upgrade from an alternative brand. The Polestar 2, Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Ford Mach-E are all great cars, but are they not one step forward, and two steps back? I can see why so many Tesla owners stay within the Tesla brand. Am I right?

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00:00​ Intro
04:00 Foundations and EV Alternatives
07:16 Back to ICE?
08:20 EV Pull Factors For Rival Brands
13:14 Conclusion and What Are My Choices?


  1. Your cat food cost comparison is brilliant! I like the comedy drops you’re incorporating, too. I traded in a 2021 Model 3 Long Range and took possession of a 2022 Model 3 Performance. Regardless of what you do, your cat will be looking over your shoulder while you run your analysis. Feed the cat – charge the Tesla!

  2. I’m a M3P owner and love it . When the time comes to change it will be another Tesla, anything else would feel like a downgrade. Model S plaid 🤤🤤 yes please . Feed the Tesla and charge the cat

  3. Feed the cat and charge the Tesla. Good points Ty. Can’t wait for our Tesla.

  4. I’m driving a Mach-E loaner since my Model 3 (delivered four weeks ago) is at the repair shop. I was hit by another driver, damaging my left fender and wheel. Can’t wait to get it back. Driving the Mach-E now I know without a doubt I made the right choice buying the Tesla. The technology in the model 3 is unparalleled.

  5. If price is taken out of the equation, buy a Model S Plaid, a Lucid Air, or even a Porsche Taycan or a Rimac Nevera. Or what about a Lightyear? See what I mean? No matter what you say, you really can't take price out of the equation. Everyone has their price point. For me, EV's don't yet match my price point. Cars and driving really aren't that much of a priority to me that I want to blow my budget on some kind of dream car. I'm working from home now and hardly ever drive the car I have so there isn't even much of a saving in running costs. That's my 2 cents anyway…

  6. I only got my M3 LFP in March and have absolutely no desire to change but I can understand your argument completely. Probably like many people, after buying something I have a nasty habit to keep looking at the market in the hope of validating my purchase (why do I even need the validation – who knows?). Anyway I have never had such a good validation on a purchase before – partially due to a lot of luck but not just that. The prices and wait times went through the roof after I ordered my M3 (definitely a first for me), but also I'm also very happy with car and have seen nothing that I would happily swap to.
    In fact, and this will show my age, I haven't been this happy with a car since the 1990s when as a young lad I drove away in a brand new Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo (1.6l NZ spec which had less emissions equipment, more power, better kit and wheels / tyres etc). I could afford it, it did 0-100kmh in 8s flat (which was pretty quick back then), handled pretty well (for the time) and was economical to run. Perfect for a young man. I know if I drove one now I would probably be disappointed with it (such is progress) and so no desire to do so (you should never meet your heroes). Prior to that the car I loved was a second hand, somewhat modified, 1970 Mini K 1100 which was fun to drive but spent more time fixing it than driving it (at least I learnt from it).
    Anyway enough rambling, The one point I will be considering, eventually, is how long should I keep my Tesla M3 and when is likely to start to cost significant money to fix. At this stage I suspect I will keep it till at least the end of warranty (unless a compelling option comes up) but not sure beyond that.

  7. I have faced the exact same dilemma – back in 2019 I got a TM3 SR+, how ever my expectations in regards of quality might have been I bit high….I was kind of disappointed and sold the car. Then I got a Kia eniro 64kw, that car was in many way the perfect rock solid family car, but very dated in the infotainment part and to be hornet a bit borrowing – so I sold that to and leased a Polestar 2 DMLR, lots of power and punch and some of the tech that Tesla also have. But the efficiency sucks big time, not matter how I drive the car uses a lot of energy. So now I return the polestar and I have already bought a TM3 60kw LFP, that I will get oct 14…..who is counting 👍🤣🤣🤣.
    Before I ordered my new Tesla, I did a quick tour, trying the ID4 and a EV6, both great cars…..but to me it would be a step back.

  8. I figured I'd keep my LR for literally as long as possible mostly due to how much I love it and the fact there's no other car I actually want. But then the market went wild and I had no idea my car (or literally any brand new car) would hold or even increase in value. I bought with a 6 year loan but it's gonna be paid off in September, 4 1/2 years early, saving me so much interest it's still costing less than the current RWD price. So now it has my cogs turning. BUT… I have free supercharging miles that'll end up expiring before I even finish using them, I've still paid nothing to charge in over 16 months so it makes zero sense for me to sell before March 2024. I considered selling because there are some big purchases I need to make, but by the time I come to possibly consider selling, I may have saved enough in the bank without having to sell. I don't think I would benefit financially by selling if I was intending to replace with another nice new car, I'd only benefit if I bought a properly cheap stop-gap car (like a 1.2 diesel with free tax 70mpg!) to keep for a few years until more EVs come out, get cheaper, and the market in general settles. I suppose really I don't need to think/worry about any of it until march 2024.

    You can't discount price from the equation for why people still by ice, it's literally the main reason!!!

    Remember to feed the Tesla and charge the cat 👍

  9. Adam I see what you mean, because I like to keep my car " fresh" for want of a better word I have being kicking around the thought of upgrading my Model 3, I have looked around at other ev's and to be honest the Model 3 is a perfect fit for me, that range is more than perfect, space is good, Tesla app is great etc. I looked at the Model Y but I don't think I could justify the jump in price so for me I'm ordering another model 3 for 2023. The car is everything that I need and I'm happy and content with it. Just letting ya know. Great video Adam.

  10. Love my M3 SR+. Got the LFP Dec 21 car.
    Yep in the same boat as for now I cannot seee myself replacing it with anything but another Tesla. Lots of nice cars out there but would have to give up a lot of things that matter to me that others don’t have or do well.
    If prices keep rising then maybe I can’t buy another one anyway 😫.
    Always room for improvement but at least Tesla software update nearly every month so there is hope for any bugs to be fixed.
    Each to their own.
    P. S. Remember to feed the cat 🐈

  11. Drivability? Really? This dude seems to equate this with speed. But how does one measure this drivability. I sold my 2021 Tesla Y for a significant profit–in large part to gain this profit while the gain was possible. But I did do significant research on what I would buy to replace it before I sold it. I chose the Polestar 2 for roughly the same money I sold the Tesla for. It's a better car than the Tesla. Better driver, handling. Range is not a realistic concern for me or for most of us with at-home charging. We simply don't travel more than 250 miles on any given day. That is, to make the case for Tesla, one must be able to justify its longer range. What makes a Polestar more appealing? Its interior is vastly superior. Its build quality is vastly superior. As someone raised on German cars–I've owned a dozen BMWs–a vastly superior ride. The Polestar just drives and handles better than the Tesla. HOWEVER, if you need longer range as a daily driver, then stay with Tesla. The concern of inefficiency, which I continue to hear, this may have been true of the early Polestar but no longer. Interface? Polestar is better. Tech? Tesla is better so far. But I don't care about self-driving.

  12. I’m a recent Tesla M3 owner, March 22. My concern in keeping this car is the lack of spare parts I’ve seen reported. Tesla needs to get this sorted, owners waiting months for windscreens. Tesla opening up their SuC cast another reason for not replacing the car for another. I’ll be looking for an established Korean, or possibly a German/ Japanese EV model. Tesla are fast losing their edge, there’s going to be better options out there