Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus In-Depth Right Hand Drive Review

Tesla’s Model 3 is the car that has helped Tesla become a volume manufacturer, and has also helped the company on the road to profitability.
We drive the entry level Standard Range Plus variant.
Prices in Australia:
Standard Range Plus – $62,900
Long Range – $77,900
Performance – $89,900


00:00 Introduction
0:42 Interior Design
3:42 Exterior Design
4:59 Charging
7:12 Range
7:37 On the Road
10:19 Driving with Autopilot
12:27 Ride and Noise Suppression
12:54 In car Infotainment and Connectivity
16:08 Over the Air Updates
16:50 Servicing and Maintenance
17:34 Tesla’s Self Driving Computer
19:00 Conclusion and Wrap Up

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  1. Good work. "The steering was sophisticated", I'm sure steering has never been described that way before. Also the audio levels are all over the shop.

  2. Very nice video!! I am holding an order with an approved already Tesla loan for the model 3 SR+ LFP!! Just sorting out the deposit money necessary to close the deal!! Cheers from London!!

  3. Nice review! Was it a Golf R you got back into at the end? If so, how would you compare the performance of the SR+ to the Golf?