2022 Tesla Model S Plaid vs 2020 Tesla Model 3 LR with Acceleration Boost, 1/4 mile

Seriously the Model S Plaid is a rocket. Even with 1 passenger, soc near 80 % and without drag strip mode, it’s it’s insanely fast.


  1. I was actually thoroughly impressed how well the LR kept up for the first 2.5-3 seconds (regardless of a delay in launch from the Plaid). Of course it tracked you down quick, but that was still rad!

  2. Imagine Elon gifting us ludicrous mode for the model 3 in a future update 🎉🎉🎉

  3. The 3 is getting close to P85D times prior to the availability of the Ludicrous upgrade made available to that model. What is more head scratching is why the Plaids ET was so high. 9.8 is a solid 1/2 second slower than typical.

  4. Great run! Great trap speed! I'm waiting for that guy that comments "battery degradation." Where is he? His mom hasn't woken him up from his nap I bet. 🤣

  5. Over 119mph on your trap speed tho, that is very good no? I thought typically in the 115-118 range but I may be wrong.

  6. Wow. That’s impressive. Left you in the dust about as bad as you do to most of the competition