Tesla Model 3 vs Model Y (HONEST Comparison) | 2022

If you’re considering a Tesla which should you buy, a Model 3 or a Model Y? In this video I compare both vehicles after driving both and as an owner.

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►Spigen – Screen Protector #1 best seller

►Mud Flaps (model 3) (model Y)

►PPF – Paint Protection (Model Y) (Model 3)

►Bumper Kit (model 3) (Carbon Fiber Print) (Glossy Black)

►Rear Spoiler (Model 3) (Mult Patterns)

►Grocery Hook

►Other Must Haves:
►Charging Cable Organizer:
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🖥Video Chapters🖥
0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Model 3 & Model Y (Side By Side)
1:09 – What’s Covered In This Video
1:20 – Form Factor
2:18 – Two Standouts With The Model Y (Roof)
2:51 – Safety
3:09 – Roof (Model 3)
3:24 – Trunk vs Hatchback
4:32 – Cargo Space
5:31 – Usability
6:31 – Driving Performance
7:11 – Range
7:40 – Charging (Before You Buy)
8:33 – Long Range vs Performance
8:47 – Performance Features
9:26 – Cost
10:41 – Buying What You Really Want
11:23 – Financing Example (APR Then/Now)
12:05 – Tesla Order Agreement (Example)
12:16 – Loan Agreement Terms

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QUESTION – Which model Tesla are you considering? Let us know in the comments section of this video!

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  1. What do you use for recording? You should add it on your description, more revenue😄

  2. In my opinion, the 3 looks so much better. We are in a world full of cross over SUVs. The 3 just stands out. The 3 works for me because it's just my wife and I. No kids.

  3. Yo Matt!! I got my vin an delivery is August 4th-8th they must be pushing these cars out quickly!! Hell of a Q2!! 😁😁😁💯💯

  4. Haven’t watched the video but guessing that it’s all the many ways the the Y is better, better, and better. Did I mention it’s better? , more leg and storage room etc etc etc… well I’m just hoping my model 3 gets delivered one day soon. The long wait for the car and all I have to tide me over is the many new videos on the better ness ness of the Y. It’s depressing and haven’t even gotten the car yet. All these videos on how great the Y is Over the model 3 makes me wish had an extra 10,000 or more laying around. It’s gotten to the point where if you can’t get a Y you are better off just riding your bicycle forgetting about getting a Tesla altogether.

  5. Applied for loans yesterday for my M3 LR. Tried PenFed, DCU, and Tesla. End up getting it from Tesla which was the lowest. 4.34%

  6. Does not make financial sense to pay that much for the Y in my Point of view…..cheapest M3 is $46,996 vs MY LR $65,990 and all of this before TAX!!

  7. I have a 2022 M3 LR, really enjoy it. My wife has ‘20 Acura MDX AWD which gets us 350 miles on a full tank for those long trips, great ride, proven reliability, power is there if needed. I to was considering the M Y but decided to go with the 3 since I mainly drive alone 80% of the time. Both great cars, in the end you get what suits your needs better

  8. You’re forgetting to mention you get the Performance versions a lot faster for the delivery