[Chill Mode] Honda Accord 2.0 T vs 2020 Tesla Model 3 LR with Acceleration Boost, 1/4 mile

One of my run on Chill Mode. It’s always funny to race on this mode. It’s sooo sloooow. 🙂


  1. You know what would be an interesting race? Your boost against a performance model y

  2. Always wondered what it ran on chill mode! Thanks! Battery degradation comment guy is finally awake! His mom woke him up bright and early today! 🤣

  3. Now the Honda Accord driver is telling all his family and buddies that he can smoke a Tesla.
    15.4xx at 92 MPH, Chill Mode with battery degradation

  4. Chill mode a lil too chill. Honda boy mustve been jumping for joy tellin all his friends he beat a model 3 lmao