You need this USB HUB for your 2022 Tesla Model 3 | Here's why

This USB HUB is a must have for your Tesla Model 3 2022. The HUB gives you extra usb connection, ambient blue LED light, …


  1. Not sure the 27w capability is really available if the Tesla USB-C ports are rated for less than that?

  2. Came for the photo tutorials and stayed for the Tesla videos 😄 Are you still doing camera things too? Both content is nice, as it is interesting to me, but maybe it is not for everybody on the same channel..?

  3. Myong, another fun informative video, only problem is every time I watch one of your videos/ it costs me more money!🤔

  4. Really enjoy your content! You have this fun, happy demeanor and such a positive attitude. And I love that!! I have the new Model 3 with the LFP battery pack. And I’m crazy about my Tesla! I think your channel out of all the others really describes very well the love ❤️ that people have for their Teslas!! Keep more Tesla videos coming!

  5. Great product I was getting some thing similar but this has a light in the bottom storage and u can turn blue light on/off.
    Wyndmoor PA

  6. Does this USB hub create a conflict of space with the sliding trays that everyone puts in their console, or do they work together alright? Really enjoy your videos. Great work!