Best Tesla Wheel Cover Battle! Aerowheel vs RImetrix vs Uberturbine vs none…

Looking at…
Range, Price, Ease of Install and Removal, Build Quality and Look. Which Wheel is most efficient and best?

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  1. Why no comparing with closed discs? The score best at hypermiling and Tesla researched the save up to 6% of total energy – this is huge!

  2. Did you go back to your previous wh/ mile before doing other test if not they will keep going up.

  3. Great video! Thanks for the numbers. I’ve had my Ubers for about a month now. I like them so much that I ordered an extra set just in case one of them meet a curb and get damaged.

  4. They are all rancid, I will never understand why people put cheap plastic covers on really nice alloy wheels for a tiny range increase they don't use/need.

  5. GREAT vid. do they have the Uberturbine for Model Y? looks like the design is actually different and not as cool for theY…

  6. Great review. Were you able to track how long it took you to travel 5 miles on each hubcap? I know you set the speed limit with autopilot but if you end up behind another car that is going slower, this affects the energy used.

  7. Thanks for the comparison. I couldn't live with having these "uberturbine" knock offs. It would look like I am trying to fool people. Not me.

  8. Thanks for the scientific approach. I am glad the rimetrix tested out as good as the aero covers because that is what I bought last year. But I do like the newer covers

  9. Thanks for the video!
    About Aroham covers, aka UberTurbine, are all 4 the same?
    If yes, 2 from them will have wrong rotation.

  10. I just purchased the wheels and thanks for the discount code! How long did you have to wait for your wheel covers to arrive?

  11. Thanks for the comparison video! I'd considered the Rimetrix and uberturbines but was leaning toward the latter; this video iced it for me.

  12. Confused… how are you losing nearly 1% SOC per mile driven. There's no way your battery has that much degradation. Awesome video, new sub btw

  13. Have you seen the Halodisc? Would love to see a nice breakdown on BLERP of them compared to stock Aero Covers

  14. I'll be honest when I think aerodynamics i never really think about the wheels

  15. Your criteria on the five mile runs were perfect, and meet the KISS model. Thanks for the comparisons!