2021 MIC model 3 LFP battery Highway range test

I made a highway range test for my LFP battery model 3. I drove for 233 KM in total and average consumption is 143 wh/km, average speed on the highway is around 110 km/h. So the total range of LFP model 3 on the highway will be around 360 KM (or 225 miles). I charged my car to 100% (estimated range 422 km) before the test, but the real world range on the highway will be 360KM. Considering the average speed of 110 km/h on the highway, I think this range is acceptable for SR+ model 3.


  1. Again thanks GOGO. I will be regularly doing a 280 km trip in my LFP Tesla 3 and the average speed will be around 100kmh…this should work for me very well.

  2. Gogo states LFP battery gets him 422 km and it's displayed on the screen which equates to 262 mi but Tesla's advertising the Model 3 with LFP at 253 mi, hmm!

  3. good vid. can you please explain the battery, how many cells are connected in series, parallel, and if it is in fact cell to battery like I've seen in some other videos, thanks

  4. Great video. Consumption around 143 wh per km at 110 km/h is good. That means driving at 90 km/h at similar wheather conditions would amount to around 400 km range. Regards from Norway

  5. Hi, thanks for your vidéos. It's very informative and clear. I will receive my TM3 SR+ MIC in a few days. Best regards from France

  6. Thanks. In South Africa we are still waiting for Tesla to arrive. But when it does I am sure we will get the Testla M3 manufactured in China. Its very relevant to see the range etc.

  7. I drive one of the few MIC that left China for Europe and have to say, that I very much prefer the China made M3 to the US made ones. Very impressive – the newer factory makes the better cars.

  8. Great video Gogo! I'm in a similar climate to yours and will receive Model 3 MIC soon and your videos are helpful. Have you monitored the energy usage at constant 90 km/h at around 30 degrees Celsius?

  9. Thank you for that video! I can confirm your results with my MiC 2020 here in Germany. My consumption is very similar.

  10. Great video, it will be great to see how much range and energy can be extracted by going all the way to 0%

  11. I would be interested to see range test driving 130 km/h, or even better 140-150 km/h test in one charge. Can you pass 350 km at those speeds? Most European countries have speed limit 130 km/h. Few countries like Croatia have buffer 150, Germany even no limits on some parts. OFC if local laws allow you to perform the test. Even 130 would be great.

  12. Fun to see young Teslabjørn here. Can't wait for your road trips. Please show us parts of China we in the west don't know. Keep up the good work Gogo!

  13. wow GOGO, is this your new car? so cool, I'm also interested in TESLA since 2021's price cut.

  14. Hi there. On the Tesla order page (Australia) it says SR plus has over 500km range. Is that unrealistic?

  15. Great video on summer performance! Thank you very much! Greetings From Finland! I am using my MIC 2020 here in the cold up to -27°C ! If you like winter info, just ask. 🙂

  16. Absolutely great video! is there any performance issues with the new battery? can can you maybe do a performance test. Also can you show us the new interior door trim in your next video

  17. Thanks for another informative video. Do you know what the weight of your car is? The LFP batteries are heavier than Panasonic batteries, and there seems to be a few more kWh.

  18. I suggest you do another range test and try to go from 100%-5% on battery state of charge. I think you might have more range on that car than you tested. Also do a loop or round trip, hills and wind is a big factor. From my experience, the mileage left indicator (people call it GOM) is not 100% accurate when you are driving. GOM is based on real time battery pack voltage. In real life, Lithium batteries, voltage fluctuates, especially right after high current discharge. After a discharge your battery will get hot and read a lower voltage, but after it cools, voltage will go up. Assuming weather is warm.. 15+C, if you read the GOM right after your drive it may say 150KM but if you wait 1/2 hour, its going to read 160KM… if it's cold, your GOM may read less.

  19. Thx for your video. Got the same model in France, and got some issue with BMS going crazy. Sometimes I lose 10/15% battery during the night, sometimes i gain 5/6%. It's started to give me crazy. Seeing your result make me think the battery is really nice during Spring.

  20. Great test – thank you for it. You are the only person not posting their referral link 🙂 Does Tesla not use the referral system (1500km frees Supercharging for you and the buyer of a new Tesla) in China?

  21. Very good video.
    Encouraging for us in Europe.
    We have big problems with the cold weather in winter.
    Unstable battery level and above all very low recharging speed at the supercharger. 50kw maximum.
    What level of charge do you have in China?
    Thank you so much . cordially