TESLA MODEL 3 – Display is a distraction! – Last position in Test!

Credit Giga Austin: Jeff Roberts…
Credit Giga Berlin: Tobias Lindh​​​

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  1. The challenges of adopting to EV's has started before even taking delivery of the car. Since ordering my M3LR on March 15th the delivery date has changed 6 times. The changes don't seem to follow any logic swinging back and forward by as much as 8 months. In fact, the delivery time they are stating today – is the same delivery time Tesla is publishing for the same car ordered today. Has anyone else experienced the same?

  2. Maybe Tesla should publish a free Tesla simulator / instructional software, so if people want to they can do a little game-like Tesla driving course on their PC, before renting a Tesla. What's the game company in China? … Tencent. I'm sure they'd code it for them in a weekend.

  3. If someone want the statistic one way and pay for it, then the resault will be on that way they want.
    So ask them how are thier sponsors 😉. Tesla is and will allways be the black duck.

  4. Most people that buy any ice car are so out of it that they can't even find the windshield wiper controls in a standard ice car so of course Tesla technology is going to be off-putting, but anyone who is supposedly doing a proper evaluation and reporting on that evaluation owes it to everyone to do it properly period but of course this was not done properly and the underlying reason is because Tesla and Elon Musk are under attack by the New World Order in the Rothschild genocide Illuminati period

  5. Agree with you that the ADAC test is a joke. Sounds like a deliberate effort to create a test specifically targeted to put Tesla last. Once FSD is fully live and accepted, this so-called distraction becomes anyway irrelevant.

  6. With the push of the steering wheel mouse you can voice control most Tesla features! Dumb FUD!