Tesla Model 3 rival: Shenlan SL03 EV; 705km range, $32,000

Tesla Model 3 rival: Shenlan SL03 EV; 705km range, $32,000

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New Tesla Model 3 rival 700km range $26,800 Shenlan SL03

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  1. Just remember that you cant compare BEV adoption with other technologies of the past like the phone/TV. If you even look at car adoption it took some 50 yrs from nil cars around 80% of the population in the US to own one.
    SO for a market that already has cars (ICE). Penetration of this market I feel will take right up to 2050 for total adoption to BEV/H2 or some other power source to fully take over all cars on the road. Not just new car sales as some 100 million cars are sold each year and some 1.4 billion are currently in use worldwide. That means a long time to purge the market of ICE cars if they stopped producing them tomorrow. Which of course is not really going to occur until 2030-2040.

  2. I don't get the whole competition thing, every EV built is going to sell, there is no competition for the next 10 – 20 years

  3. Stop. This is not a M3 competitor. It’s an ICE challenger. They are producing this car at a loss. It’s okay, they have deep pockets. More sensors for a car means nothing. Typically it means there’s more noise to decipher.

    I would not consider this car either. It looks like a Honda had an ass baby with a bolt.

  4. What a deal. Very nice styling.
    The Chinese, at least until things go bust, are extremely brand conscious. Why Tesla sells. But that will change I believe.

  5. will be banned in the collective west countries just like huawei phones, 5g etc

  6. I don't think that you should think that I shouldn't think that any particular thing is interesting.

  7. Have you ever looked at the big picture Mr Viking? Why do you sell coal to china instead of tax it heavily so you keep it in your own country for your own factories and people to make a living? Do you want Australia to become a country selling raw resources and tourism for a living? Is that Australia 2030? Wake up Viking.

  8. This is the GM Bolt killer. Same specs, better price, with the $7500 tax credit in the US.

  9. How can it be a challenger without FSD capable? All Teslas have a huge built in value boost.

  10. This is the companies first EV, Hybrid and Fools Cells. Good luck for them.

    Tesla Model 3 Rival, is Click Bate, just so you know.

    No one is a rival for Tesla at this point.

    Another Company like BYD, making EV's, Hybrids and Fools Cells, which are 103,000 to buy???? Hydrogen does not work for cars.

    This is not something to be excited about, IMO!!!

  11. This is a wonderful car…. But in China. We are not seeing anything hitting UK for years. Whilst the "future" is bright…. Cars "now" would be really nice….

  12. Pretty sure Bill would not have included recycling restrictions had Musk not been instrumental in composing. Legacy autos mainly concerned about staying relevant/in business.

  13. Why do you act like every Chinese car you mention is coming to the USA? So far, no Chinese brand is in the USA selling cars. I don't know if they'll come or not but it's impractical to think they every small Chinese brand is going there. A sedan is also not something I'd expect would be worth bringing to the USA unless its company is bringing 2 or 3 crossovers with it.

  14. As much as I enjoy your videos i would like to remind people that China is not your friend and i think we will all live to regret buying this cheap shit from China no matter how good it is

  15. Sorry Sam I’m with you on Chinese electric, but Chinese Government electric like this one (and MG, for example), ah no. That’s like if the U.S. government owned a car company. Wait! They do! gm.
    So, no to government backed car companies.

  16. I'm honestly all for these new models. I see the stage being set for a Chinese takeover. I hope it will push the rest of markets to produce truly compelling EV's

  17. The only thing I can criticize is that the rear lights could be much better. It pales in comparison to BYD Seal. It’s also curious that the more expensive pure 700kmEV version has a slower EV motor

  18. For half that range, 350km and $25.000 most would buy a car llike that. Not us, we dislike boring cars.

  19. the word “profit” is a relative term especially when it comes to a communist government supported company.

  20. It looks cool, like so many other cars you've shown us. However, I gave up waiting for an affordable "new" EV and just bought a used Tesla Model S. I absolutely love it!

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  22. The only way car companies will be able to sell cars in the US if they're really really really cheap with this new bill

  23. Still rather have a Y or a 3 but hard to compare without knowing the price in NZ, and I have already chosen a Y over an Atto 3 because I think you get more from a Y, handling performance and technology wise. Handling is important from a safety perspective and is often overlooked and where I live that’s really important. I have the 3 and the Y is on order but I am sure the car in this article will be good just not as good as a Tesla. Can you go wrong with any EV aside from the gen 1 and 2 leaf with their battery degradation issues, probably not.