Tesla Easter Eggs Model 3 2020

Today i’m reviewing a few of Tesla Easter eggs on the Tesla Model 3. While also reviewing a few features my subscribes mentioned to me.

I have the Tesla Model 3 AWD 2020

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  1. Thanks Dave. Great video. New future Tesla owner here. Trying to learn as much as I can. Appreciate your channel!

  2. I think you can change to neutral while driving if you hold the stick for a few seconds, but you can only go back into drive, not reverse

  3. you were getting close to 121 miles during the video so I waited 🕕 but it didn't show☣️, good video anyways, subbed. lookup easter eggs wiki next time.

  4. Hold on… I commented before the video was over. The car turned into Mario Cart with the rainbow feature. I’m done. You won.

  5. Lmao. At this point I’m out done. You just started an entire fire in this car! This is technology on the next level!