PROTECT Your Model 3's Air Filter! | Air Inlet Guard |

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  1. What I’m trying to understand is, why is it that some people get the mold smell that I keep seeing videos on? I’m a former HVAC tech and the only thing I can think of is if the water is traveling down and soaking the filters from a heavy rain or washing the car. Another thing, why would the evaporator coil need to be cleaned unless the filters are unbelievably cheap? I only have 1,200 miles on my ‘21 P3 so I have a ways to go before I need to worry but just trying to understand it. I’ve only ever had to change the cabin filter in previous cars and never once had to clean the evap coil.

  2. Thanks. I got one and installed it. I watched your video as I installed it. So easy. I get so many little leaves on my car that this must help keep them out of the AC/heater. Thanks. Great video. Thanks.

  3. Are you still using the air filter??? Have you noticed any change in your AC or in your range?

  4. In a sense, you are putting a filter under a filter and there is bound to be some restriction in the air flow. Which in turns pulls on the fan trying to draw unrestricted air in. If by chance you get trash or leaves inside…even more restriction. Think I will pass on this. It would be easier just to do some cleaning maintenance on the air intake at least once a year.

  5. The babies going in there is normal, though the leafs going in there is not. (I know what I'm saying lol)

  6. I'm with you. I don't think it would hurt to install one especially since it's not overly expensive. Those slots are big so it would give me a little more piece-of-mind. What's bugging me though is, did you vacuum up those dandelions before installing the inlet guard? LOL

  7. Currently unavailable on Amazon. How much was it? I think any more than $20 and I wouldn't get it.

  8. Thanks. Good video. I would be interested to hear how it might affect air flow or even noise after installation. Maybe an update after living with it for a while.

  9. Love the intro!
    … But not the product, that's clearly obstructing, and can cause extra noise/wear on the intake fan… Not to mention hard to clean inside that intake.

  10. I did a DIY one similar to this. However, I have a cheap pre filter on it that is charcoal activated. Keeps the filter cleaned from any debris and keeps your cabin filter cleaner for a lot longer.

  11. I feel the design might reduce airflow, if it was dished into the 3 sections of the intake grame, but narrower, with holes on the vertical parts you'd get more air-flow with the same amount of filtering.
    It's not just he A/C that needs to be considered, what about when the battery needs to be cooled or in track mode (for P models)?
    Is the suction with the A/C the same fans as coolant loop?
    This might make a nice frame for doing your own grille/mesh – keep the edges and 3 supports above the ones in the intake and then fill the holes with mesh.

  12. Hmmm… if only there was a cover with a cut out around that new piece so it can be exposed.

  13. Lol this guy pulling dogs and babies out of this air inlet area haha. Nice vid, hopefully it helps with keeping those pesky leaves out that somehow find a way to get lodged everywhere under the hood!

  14. Feel like it will reduce the life of the fan motor. It takes more energy to pull air through smaller wholes, and you are adding the slits on top of that.

  15. I think this title might be a little misleading because you didn't actually upgrade or replace the actual air filter which you can get to under the passenger side foot area.

  16. Great intro. The audio on my Moto Z3 (without the JBL speaker mod) was up all the way and I could barely hear you until you started taking the vent apart.

    Maybe a clip-on mic would be great for you. Most of the videos that have great audio use them. It would also allow you to be very mobile because you would not have to hold it.

  17. Removable fine stainless wire mesh would be maybe better, less drag and take it out and hose clean!