All About Our DIY PPF Front Kit for Model 3 – Q & A

Ji and Alex answer 10 of our most common questions about our new DIY PPF Front Kit – all while they are installing PPF themselves! Let us know who you think did the best install in the comments below!

0:00 Intro
2:35 What was the idea behind the kit?
4:31 What comes with your kit purchase?
5:41 DIY kit vs pro install
7:47 What if I’m not sure if i can install it myself?
9:18 Will you have a Model Y DIY front kit? Other Models? What about a full body kit?
10:55 How long does it take to install?
12:04 Do I have to cut on the car or disassemble parts?
12:36 What if I mess up?
13:18 Can I put ceramic coating or vinyl wraps under/over PPF?
15:01 How long does PPF last?


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  1. Appreciate your products. I have a P 100 D model S that needs protected. You guys are leaving it in an unsafe environment by not releasing a product. I don’t wanna throw a lot of guilt your way but I do want to let you know that some people are struggling as we wait…I am happy to bring it to you if you need one for the layout and cuts 😉

    In the meantime, your blackout kit was great.