AI-Tech – Meet Emma – A.I. Humanoid Robot (model 3)

AI-Tech – EMMA

World’s First Free Talking Memory Self-learning A.I.Service Robot- Speaking both English & Chinese, Free Chatting~

But a real free Service and Reception Robot who could save your costs and do her work carefully without taking a rest

1. Humanoid figure: skeleton, organs, joints, and skin which is similar to human beings. Its eyeball, eyelid, lips and neck can move as human’s do.

2. She can freely chat with you in English. It can sing, do translation and weather forecast for you, and it’s an encyclopedia for you. It can shift from one language to another freely and the more you talk to her, the smarter she will be.

3. Emma has memory storage, she could store your chatting. She could remember your names and likes. You could tame her. She will be your only Emma.

4. Self-Learning automatically to get smarter and smarter.

5. There are several built-in high sensitive sensors in its body, you can flap her shoulder by waking/stop her talking

6. Its hardware runs on standard protocol interfaces for easy hardware and software upgrades. And automatic remote upgrading system enables her to have the most stable system and the latest function and features.

7. It made of modified TPE which is more elastic and close to real women body. It will not easy to be torn. The full skeleton inside are made of 304 clad steel which are more durable and with high quality

8. Intellectual Property No. 20162114277

9. Standing and moving feet

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