TESLA MODEL 3/Y | Battle of the Mini Instrument Cluster

I recently bought a 2022 #Tesla Model Y and coming from an ICE car, I gotten used to looking at the driver instrument cluster right in front of the steering wheel to get basic info such as current speed and speed limit. Since the Tesla Model 3/Y has this information on its main display, I feel I am taking my eyes off the road a split second longer than I should. Hence, I searched around and found these two mini driver instrument clusters that slots in the aircon vent right in front if the steering wheel.

This video is my attempt to compare these two products side by side to help people make a more informed an decision when choosing one over the other.

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🔘 Mini Instrument Cluster
OPTION 1: ⭐️ YONZEE with speed read-out (
OPTION 2: ⭐️ TOMAKER with speed and state-of-charge read-out (

⭐️ Model 3/Y Screen protector (
⭐️ Model 3/Y Anti-slip Trunk/Floor Mats (
⭐️ Tesla Gen-2 UMC Cable Organiser (

– Better display visibility day/night
– Narrower design (because less info on display) which means less airflow being blocked
– More accurate speed read-out than YONZEE
– Slim and can fit aircon vent gap compared to YONZEE
– Can display Speed OR Battery state of charge

– The wire coming out of the instrument cluster either comes out to the Left or Right. No option to make it come out to the back which means you will see the wire after the install

– More information available than TOMAKER (All gears, turn indicator, Headlights, Brake hold, Door Open)
– Wire coming out of the instrument cluster fully hidden after install

– Too thick – hard to fit in the aircon vent
– Too wide – it blocks more airflow coming out of the aircon vent
– Display either too bright at night or too dim during daylight. It seems they’ve mixed up the ambient light settings the other way around

00:00 Introduction
01:05 Available Indicators (YONZEE)
01:22 Available Indicators (TOMAKER)
02:26 Daisy chaining the wiring harness
04:34 Remove the plastic panel
06:19 Power off Tesla
06:41 Hook up device to Tesla
08:10 Night driving with the two mini instrument cluster
09:56 YONZEE speed readout does not match Tesla display
12:55 Daylight driving with the two mini instrument cluster
18:02 Driving with the TOMAKER
18:31 “D” Drive Type Fuzzy display logic
19:37 Physical dimensions
20:20 End

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  1. Thx for the comparison video. Really useful. Picking up my car Friday and will be ordering one soon. Might go with Yonzee one for added information displayed.