Is NIO's ET5 really better than the Tesla Model 3?

Is NIO’s ET5 really better than the Tesla Model 3?

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  1. Every time I see these amazing Chinese cars I can’t think about the countries, history, and what their grandparents went through what kind of change they saw. it wasn’t even 70 years ago that the average life expectancy was less than 40 years old. It’s amazing what the work of their people and good governance is capable of doing.

    The technological developments, and life improvements that they have built is nothing short of amazing.

    And yet so many people in my country still think China is some backwards filthy county that barely has electricity.

    Mind you they are not the only place where cool stuff is happening. Humans are just incredible and China’s history in the last 100 years is a brilliant illustration of that.

  2. I think your assessment of NIO's finances are hilariously off the mark. Saying they need to sell 50k per month to be profitable is nonsense. This isn't Xpeng here lol.

  3. Looks real close to a 3 but with a functional Hatch. Not sure that battery swaps will go over big but at least the battery is
    easily changeable . (might be good if the battery goes bad or there is new battery tech) Interior looks better than a 3 for
    what I can see.

  4. I wonder if Sam was saying the same thing when Tesla was growing their base. Would never buy a Tesla due to their build quality and poor after sales service. Researched nio a little and I have to say I'm liking what they offer and the biggest selling point for me is having options and not owning the battery (no responsibility). Nio come to U.K now

  5. Great video Sam, Just a few things Qin Li Hong the co founder has recently stated that the 0-60 times will be able to be improved to 4 seconds & as low as 3.7 seconds, with no hardware upgrades.. Also the AR/VR glasses with NIO'S Nreal partnership is pretty awesome and a first for the industry.. IMHO the model 3 from 2017 can't compete to the ET5..

  6. I see your points from a consumer lense from and engineering and business one fewer cells to replace and lasting long is a strong feature as well as faster charging times. Also and ADAS system with fewer components to power maintain and required computer is a strong feature. However the aluminum chassis is awesome but expensive to make. Another great thing about the 3 is they are profitable and will be around in 10 years for support and parts. There will be a small margin of failures and front-end parts will wear a bit faster than ICE due to additional weight. If they go under then no one will support them with parts due to low total production volumes. The screen is incorrectly portrait oriented. So can they make the numbers needed and reduce costs enough without sinking the company with house distractions and others? Seems like a gamble.

  7. I am new to the stock market. Every stock that I bought so far, I was out of luck because I bought them when they were expensive. I feel I missed out on all the stock opportunities so far for the tech stocks.I believe having 75K yearly income would be a good investment so I want to plug all my savings into the stock market. I know this sounds a bit dull but I would like to know if I should learn investing or let somebody else (more capable like a FA) do it for me? Please share your thoughts. I am kind of tired of searching for a good stock to buy and losing all the good opportunities

  8. That car is going to sellout. The car looks great. Probably their best looking car. The truth is people go for the looks first. I live in The US and if that car comes here I will be interested in getting it

  9. Hi Sam.. we are getting our third tesla next week. (got our hands on a Model Y standard range) let me know if you want a look see.

  10. why spend so much on showrooms despite well designed cars? there is news about Tesla actually reducing showrooms located in more expensive areas of China

  11. Only Tesla has the infrastructure to support EV's. What happens if i am in an emergency situation and need to charge my EV, Amount and Time to charge and access to chargers is still a big issue.

  12. It’s a flawed business model——- battery changing station I perceive as a Loser and the money spent on Luxury Showrooms????

  13. NIO also has emergency charging vans, concierge service to pick up your car to get charged or battery swapped or fixed.
    I also think that they will be really ramping up at Neo park next month.

  14. battery swapping is a terrible f'ing idea. Kinda interesting at the time it was conceived, but with the evolution of chargers its not needed… at all… ridiculous, and will bankrupt them if they don't change course.

  15. NIO is the best EV/technology company in the world. Their EV's are top of the line, I would take the ET5 any day over a TESLA. I've never liked any of the TESLA products, a lot of people here in the US are waiting for NIO to come to the US so we can purchase their beautiful EV's

  16. Great video as always. I'm a huge NIO bull and I believe the ET5 will prove to be NIO's turning point. NIO's quality and customer service is second to none and I'm sure this will resonate all across the globe. Production in the next couple months is expected to double with only the first phase of Neopark open. I agree 50,000 per month is where they need to get to and this car along with Neopark will take them there.

  17. Could be better or just as good, it's one of the few companies that like Tesla are building superpowerful computers that are also cars ,the Es8 could be the real competition for Tesla, most people that have tested the Es8 and the Tesla in Europe prefer the Es8 because it has a less minimalistic feel.

  18. The big question with any EV contender is not the looks but mainly the software & hardware. The software controlling the batteries, thermal management, motors, handsfree driving and then the whole customer user experience. Charging network (or battery swap in Nio's case) is also important. The build quality, not material quality nor fit and finish, are critical for long vehicle life. We do not want another 3-5 year buying cycle (ownership period) but a 10 year plus buying cycle (ownership period). If I want to salivate over interior design features, materials etc then I'd just look at the MB EQE or EQS.

  19. When are we getting the video showing the swap stations actively helping stabilize the grid in china? Way more important long term.

  20. Their cars look nice, I can’t say if it is better without driving it. It would be hard to beat Tesla in that area, but if we are talking quality of interior, it wouldn’t be so hard.

  21. There is so much other stuff happening there right now, I'm subscribing just to see how badly these orientated videos age 🤣🤣

  22. Great content you are really doing some work on nio refreshing keep going with research like you are doing great work.

  23. i don't see ''battery swap'' is a good idea unless you can swap everywhere at any charging station including Tesla station.

  24. Hi, can you make one more video on shares related to renewable energy and battery 🔋 making companies please and your prediction and tips if possible

  25. Swapping should be for semi trucks only. The biggest battery. Charging times have reduced down to 15-5 minutes. Swapping makes no sense for that.

  26. If EV manufacturers make sooo much money, why can’t they hire designers? All of them, most, look like some 8 years old did it, basically eggs on wheels, no personality, not thrill, no interest

  27. Everybody hopes to beat Tesla but nobody actually does. These NIO guys seem to have a decent car…for China. I mean it's heavier, costs more and is unproven. Let's see how things unfold.

  28. Giga casting is a manufacturing process not a type of material! Sam 😳😳😳 I am not a manufacturer but I believe you should know what is a material, etc.. rubber , iron, copper.. there is no material called Giga casting . Tesla use a method of making car bodies to reduce the no. of pieces. The best process is no process, the best part is no part. It is a method of manufacturing that allows to increase efficiency and reduce waste in my humble opinion, not a type of material! Nio can use the best material they want, anybody can do that too, which increases the cost and erode the profit margin but nothing beats the first principles. Tesla is just wanting to reduce the parts and be more efficient and reduce the price in the long run to allow customers to benefit through their masterplan. But great effort nio !

  29. So called "battery swapping'' is not a sustainable approach. The risk of new batteries being stolen and replaced with older spent battery packs is too high. The likelihood of refused warranty service exists when the dealer can blame some 3rd party for the problem.. No, battery swapping will crash and burn as an approach.

  30. Just a thought/question: How does the market ( wherever that is) value a 2nd hand NIO? Will a NIO retain a high proportion of its value because the battery swap concept means that its propulsion system never really ages? If so, does that mean that the NIO concept is not only extremely costly to introduce ( they have to build the swap station infrastructure), to run (they need more batteries than vehicles they sell) but also means that their cars need replacing much more slowly than cars from even other EV manufacturers? Doesn't seem the greatest business model! On the other hand if you can buy a used NIO at a good price it could be a great purchase.

  31. Do not forget that NIO is listed on US exchange and had to report earnings in USD (convert RMB to USD). RMB become cheaper in the last 3 months. It creates an illusion that NIO is losing more money, but it is questionable.

  32. I have inspected quite a few Telsas closely. I really do not like their finish. The quality is is worse than Korean cars. I would pick a Nio ET5 over a Tesla Model 3 anyday!

  33. Quantum battery breakthrough paves way for instant recharging.
    The South Korean researchers have already calculated that quantum battery technology could reduce the home charging times of electric cars from 10 hours to just three minutes, while supercharger stations could fully recharge a vehicle in just 90 seconds.

  34. Nice car, but with no new ICE car sales in the UK in less than 8 years (2030) from now, most new EVs, like this one, are too big and too expensive.
    What the UK, and the world, needs now are small, cheap simple EVs.