TESLA Model 3 Strategy – Limitation a mistake ?

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  1. More profit on the model Y. Easier to produce as more space to work in, model 3 is actually quite tight from what I hear. Overlapping markets. Abundant demand. They are correct to prioritise model Y over every model currently in production. The Cyber truck may change this somewhat but only electronics and a few other parts may be in competition with other models, the only real conflicts may be battery and labour supply. Unsure what GP will turn out to be on CT, likely higher at volume, but Tesla may go with either prioritising the most profitable vehicle or they may prioritise the radically higher waiting list of the CT. An extra month waiting on a particular model shouldn't deter too many buyers, it's much more important that the cyber truck gets into the wild. Semi can take its time, more time, more testing. Roadster is probably very high margin. ATV is very low on batery usage. Everything kinda puts model 3 production at a bit of a disadvantage for a few years yet but I expect it to be in production at both new sites in 2023 at the latest.

  2. I’m sure it can be frustrating but the model 3 will be abundant in germany soon. And it will be made in Germany. So it will be even more popular

  3. I just dont understand why only in Germany model Y is co cheap for example here in Croatia model 3 i slightly expensive than in Germany for all models, but long range model Y for example in Croatia is 70000 euros and in Germany 57000 euros how can it be so much difference

  4. Model Y is 6 cm longer and 4 cm wider. Not nothing, but not a huge difference. Approximately 0.2%. Anyone tall at all will prefer the MY. When we lived in Bavaria a few years ago, our impression was that the autobahn was filled with little hatch-backs with vacation stuff piled against the back window. Model Y would seem to me to be the natural progression, considering the increased price of BEVs over ICE mini-boxes. In any event, a decision to buy a relatively expensive car is pretty personal, on either side of the Atlantic (or Pacific).

  5. Speaking for myself in a low paid holiday town in Cornwall, England. Lots of people on holiday have large cars / SUVs. Is it status ? Is it the convenience ? Is it the safety ? My thoughts – they can afford a large car, and they can afford holidays. Conclusion – people with some money / paid for vehicles want bigger vehicles… is it aspirational? The model Y, from my local knowledge, (albeit limited) is that the Model Y appeals to aspirational buyers (younger and with money), sedans appeal to a slightly older ( more cautious financially) demographic…Myself? Waiting for my (TSLA) shares to go to the moon, and using a bicycle…

  6. Model 3 will never be made in Berlin, instead they will concentrate on Model Y and later add the Model E or 2 for Europe
    Model Y is cheaper to produce then Model 3

  7. Model3 RWD ordered in Feb 2022. Delivery once again pushed back to Dec 2022. It looks like the M3 has indeed a lower prio due too market demands. Slightly disappointed …

  8. I moved from a 3 door VW Golf to a Model 3. For me, the model 3 is tricky to park in tight parking bays, so going to a Model Y would be harder. Many parking bays are smaller than the industry standard of 4.8m x 2.4m in the UK, and I’m left with my bonnet extended into the road.

    I also value the smaller wh/KM consumption you get with a Model 3.

    To be honest while already have a model 3, I’m interested in the new car order backlogs because it affects supply of spare parts (many UK owners waiting 6+ months for a new windscreen), and that in turn affects insurance premiums (prolonged courtesy car rental periods). So for those reasons I want Tesla to ramp up production so they can stop making excuses about spare parts being unavailable.

  9. The price increase for a model Y is crazy, so its all down to the $$$, Tesla wants to make the Fat model 3 as it has far better margins on it as you said.

  10. It’s extremely simple. – the market for the Model Y is much larger when you look across the world. SUV’s outsell Sedans by a long way and that gap is increasing.

    Tesla are just responding to demand – after all Elon did say the plan was to make enough profit to reinvest into future products like the Robotaxi, so they are maximising volumes by making more model Y.

    Germany is an exception and Tesla are all about global sales.