Sega Model 3 – Star Wars Trilogy Arcade

Great game in 4k nice looking game(1998). Despite what i say next i love this game 😎 please forgive the controls(its only cos of the controls i repeat dual), this lightsaber, the controls are crap for it(dual itself isnt hard at all) it has taken me awhile just to get this far with them. i used my ps3 controller for them to help a little, but _inv was worse so i stuck with normal . Revision ‘A’ swtrilogy
this ‘supermodel emulation has never been perfect, now it runs at normal speed(however it runs too fast for me 63 fps not the normal 60) but now it also has graphical errors in ‘Hoth’ flickering, but its still annoying .

The game uses a control setup consisting of a single flight stick with two fire buttons and two “Event” buttons which flash when the player is able to trigger certain events in game such as summoning backup fighters. The player advances through 3 stages and can choose them in any order. Each stage is based on a single scene from the Star Wars trilogy. Players can score points by destroying enemies, completing levels, and performing “combo” hits on enemies in succession without missing a shot.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope: This stage depicts the Battle of Yavin, right up to the destruction of the Death Star.
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back: The famous Battle of Hoth is depicted, and the player must assist in destroying AT-ATs as well as invading Echo Base.
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi: The player rides a speeder bike on Endor and shoots Imperial troopers, then moves towards the Empire’s base and destroys an AT-ST.
The game ends with the final space battle from Return of the Jedi with the destruction of the Death Star II.

Two bonus stages are included where the player duels Boba Fett and Darth Vader using a lightsaber. The player must quickly execute joystick motions to block Fett’s shots or Vader’s lightsaber swings and take them down. Failing these stages will not cause the game to be lost but bonus points will not be gained.


  1. This game stole from me for was $3 a play last time I saw it at a dave and busters. The tables have turned and vengeance is sweet.

  2. lol nice sound balance…. SEGA knew what would pull people in I guess. XD

    That said feel like they could have had better music picks as many of the ones they have are a bit John WIlliams generic.