Tesla Software Update 2022.28.1 Adds New Features To The Theatre And Routes

Tesla Software Update 2022.28.1 NoW Includes Theatre And Routes It’s quite good now only have a few days earlier. We got the blindspot cameras and now we have theatre mode that allows you to actually adjust settings while watching a movie and the long-awaited most requested routs  which allows you to have  three routs navigate to a journey as before you could only go to one route even if there was lots of traffic now you have a choice in this video. We explore all those possibilities and we look at a few things that you might not know. This update is for Tesla model 3
 Tesla model. Y Tesla model X and Tesla model. S


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Here is the links to use with the video to watch regular tv on the Tesla screen

5 Usa

More 4

BBC I player

Amazon Prime

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  1. I have a March 2022 Model 3 and use a USB hub in glovebox which allows me to have a controller and Sentry at the same time.. no issues.

  2. I really like the idea of being able to lock the car whilst charging, because I feel quite vulnerable charging in strange places, excellent asset thanks Mal

  3. Hi Mal, great channel and content. Can you tell me who to get the BBC iplayer etc. on the Tesla again. I'm a bit "hard of thinking" and didn't follow. T

  4. Let me know what software your on pop int o say hi always nice to chat to you did you guess the tune playing