This 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance is Balls to the Wall Fast, But Still a Bore Made For Wine Moms

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  1. For reference, I spoke to my 24 year old son yesterday who is a tech nerd, and his assessment of electric vehicles is on par with most older folks, his dream car is the new Chrysler 300 C with the big hemi. All hope is not lost for the Twitter generation.

  2. Anytime I see "Andrew" I get so excited to see what arms are hiding within the vehicle – that PS90 is awesome! Not sure it beats the 50AE from the Equus haha, but a fun surprise nonetheless. Thanks Bill, another great video.

  3. Bill, you did a good job touching on the pollutants resulting from EVs, but there are more pollutants caused by them. Off the top of my mind are the processing to ship raw materials and then the shipping of these too. Then there's the pollution for the actual manufacturing of the batteries. EVs also go through tires quicker due to their weight and as a result pollute the air with larger pieces of the tires wearing off. And that's associated with lung damage and cancer. There are other pollutants too, whereas I'm just mentioning what comes to mind. Anyone putting study into what it takes to build EVs will learn that the whole picture results in more pollution than gas cars ever make. For anyone that's really worried about the planet, the best they can do right now is simply buy a car that's good on gas or buy a hybrid because the batteries in those are much smaller and they result in much higher MPGs, nor do they require electricity from the grid. Personally, I don't want the annoyance of having to plug-in and then un-plug my car every day or even every couple of days. A quick trip to the gas station every two weeks (for me) can be worked in with other errands. Another thing of consideration is that the cost to recharge won't always be so low. You just know that as EVs gain popularity the cost of electricity will go up. And don't think they have to keep that cost down for people to power their homes because a wall charger can easily be made to signal a switch to higher cost for the EV. And if anyone wanted to get all Orwellian about it, our population could be held hostage by shutting down the grid, whereas with gasoline that would be much harder to do. Another glaring thing for anyone that's actually thinking, is the money the USA is spending to accommodate EVs could be greatly reduced through implementation of programs that would actually help the planet, such as handsome tax incentives and perks for people to adopt a self-moratorium to put off having children. That would have a big impact on pollution. As well as other programs, like reducing mail delivery to two days a week. Or regulations to control the multiple tons of junk mail. The thing is there are better and actual effective ways to help our planet that are being ignored or just unconceived. Instead, we're in a bind with EVs damaging the planet. How did we come to this?
    The unnatural push for EVs (from a general marketing perspective) is the result of very wealthy people that got in on the ground level to make money from the new materials needed for EVs. I still don't believe our planet is in trouble and that it's all made up for the games the ultra-wealthy play. Here in Connecticut, we had the coldest spring since 1989 and we had our heat turned on into June. Global warming?

  4. I agree, don’t see what the commotion is all about for electric cars. Get a $50-$100k elector buy a good TownCar for a 1/5 or a 1/10 the price with loads more fun, my opinion.

  5. Boring car for wannabe tree huggers believing they are saving the planet by buying an overpriced duracell battery on wheels lol. Buy a V8 and live life to the full, none of this electric crap.

  6. Bill, The Mustang is going to be the only one left with a gas V8 motor and stick shift! Camaros gone and the Challenger has gone 100% Electric…. Give Ford Some Credit…..

  7. Hi Bill. I agree with everything you said. Here in San Francisco there are many douche buggies around!!!!!! Also in CA there was alerts telling everyone not to charge their EV's because the grid is weak.

  8. Love the video. Hate the car can't stand any of these EVS. I like you said the Prius those aren't bad still has a gas engine and they're not as bad for the environment.
    Unfortunately it'll never be the way we grew up again so the Golden era is over I would prefer a 140 horsepower Cadillac DeVille from 76 then 99% of the new cars

  9. Like one comedian said of the AMC Pacer – "the reason they put all that glass on there is so that you can see the asshole that bought the car!"

  10. Kia Elantra? Hahaha! Kinda like an Oldsmobuick! Seriously though, I got to drive a model S around for a while and other than being blistering fast, I came away from the experience with a new appreciation for how nice my Hyundai Sonata is for 1/5th the cost! The Tesla rode choppy, had no steering feel, it rattled & the body felt loose (21,000 miles on it). It was an awesome device, but a car it was not. I'd rather have 5 Sonatas than one of those, you know a different color for everyday of the week or to pass out to family & friends!

  11. This car is the epitome of a soulless commodity appliance product. In that regard, it outflanks the most soulless, generic and forgettable recent gray Toyota Corolla LE with hubcaps, gray paint and gray interior. And that’s one hell of an accomplishment to make something more soulless and less pulse-quickening than that.

    And yes you’re right about where electric cars get some of their energy from, and their “ecological footprint” as you call it.

  12. The most honest and accurate take on the nuances between a tesla and a traditional mechanical engine. I love it

  13. You literally have to wear reading glasses to manage that laptop. That won't work if you can't see the road with reading glasses on. Also, the more time you spend looking at that thing to adjust temperature or radio the more chance you have of getting into an accident.

  14. Welcome back Bill !
    It tough to get out of vacation mode and get back to the daily grind.
    Your comment about electric cars being too quiet and how they should offer a mode where you can get engine noise was funny because the new Dodge Charger electric car actually has an option to play fake engine noise from a hellcat . lol