Taptes vs Jeda USB Hubs for the Tesla Model 3. Installation, teardown, and review!

In today’s video, I’m reviewing the latest USB hubs from Taptes and Jeda.
Taptes sent me their new USB Hub Pro model. This one is different than the original hub that Taptes sent me earlier this year. This new Pro version passes both power and data to each port!
Jeda has sent me their latest USB hub for review as well. This version 2.0 hub adds an additional USB-A port to the front! Perfect!

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Original TAPTES Hub (least expensive model):

*If you have a Model Y or a Model 3 built after June 2020, this is the Hub for you:


JEDA (select hub for Model Y):
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  1. I favor the original TAPTES, being it is a passive “pass-through” device (like the two Y cables are). The JEDA and updated TAPTES require power to manage distribution of data among their 5+ ports, even in stand-by. For my needs, being the power miser I am, I’d rather not add additional “vampire” load supporting active circuit board(s) even though likely small. Also, some (many?) of us don’t need more than the two data ports which already come with the car. Thank you for making the reviews of the three solutions in your videos, they certainly helped me decide the product I’ll choose. In all cases I am pleased I (we) have a means to tidy-up cordage and be provided a hide-away cubby for the likes of my 1TB T5 SSD (I’m not knocking you, I promise! I had it before seeing your info on endurance cards). Be well!

  2. It turns out that the Taptes actually uses a better USB controller than the Jeda, which is very surprising.

    USB Controllers:
    Taptes – VLI VL817-Q7 USB 3.1 Gen 1 4-Port Hub Controller
    Jeda – Terminus FE 1.1s USB 2.0 High Speed 4-Port Hub Controller

    The Taptes USB Hub pro is using a USB 3.1 controller when it can't even use USB 3.1… Yet it's still less than half the price of the Jeda.

    I get that Taptes is a copy of the concept, but the concept is not patentable and if you expect competition to not level out the price for a $5 USB hub, that's objectively what has occurred.

  3. 24:41 Kind of have a problem with this statement. The power and data on Jeda is still divided unless it's getting power from somewhere else other than the USB ports. Data throughput is only as good as the ports coming from the car as well. Like you said, you're not getting more pie. And this is true for both Jeda and Taptes.

  4. Jeda hub would be obsolete before they even ships out lmao, I placed my order back when they first introduced it and I have yet to receive mine lmao, their sentry hard drive hidden compartment is already outdated with Tesla moving sentry to glove box, and Tesla has already changed the center console design on both model 3 and Y.

  5. Maybe you can test the USB3 by plugging it to a computer with USB3 and run some speed tests to a FlashDrive that is USB3. You will need uSB extensions (graded for USB3).

  6. I have the older hub for my 2018 M3 like you. I just installed the newer one for my wife’s 2020 MY and it fits and works just like the M3. Quality is first class and fit and finish is very good. I believe that you get what you pay for. I always enjoy your videos……👍