Tesla Model 3 Front Door Woofer Upgrade Installation

In this video, I show you how to set up and install the Focal ISU 200 8″ Woofers into the Tesla Model 3 Front doors, replacing the stock speakers there. The brackets I used are available to print from the model at, along with other speaker locations for the model 3.

In this video, there was a minute where my camera malfunctioned while inserting the pins into the Yazaki speaker plug, so I inserted text to explain what to do. I apologize for the choppiness!


  1. Need better lighting of what your showing the camera. Also, work on a mat to limit how much sound travels up to the camera mic.

  2. And how do they sound? It would have been nice to get a demo at the end. I'm looking at doing this but I have only seen one or two comments about how they sound compared to the stock M3 SR+.

  3. Thanks for this. I'm printing up the adapters now. What glue did you use to glue the top ring to the body of the parts together? I'm printing in PETG.

  4. Did you ever do a video for the sound deadening? I’m interested on how to take the inner door panel off with out bothering the window. Trying to fix a clicking sound that may be coming from the window assembly.