NEW Tesla Feature Will Be a Huge Step Backwards | Was Elon Wrong?

Tesla’s new battery strategy, radar returning to FSD, FSD Class Action Lawsuit, and more!

Hyundai IONIQ 5 Review:

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  1. I believe Tesla really messed up on their presentation and sales of FSD. I believe that they should have included "Autopilot" in all vehicles as part of the sales cost, but offered to take a 100 dollar non refundable deposit for FSD at the price being offered at the time. This way customers could lock in a price for FSD when it becomes feature complete and is released for use in your vehicle (not in Beta). FSD should also be connected to both the owner and their vehicle, so that if your original vehicle is destroyed, you can keep your FSD and transfer it to a replacement vehicle with your locked in price. If ultimately one chose not to purchase FSD when it was released, the $100 deposit would automatically go to a one month subscription of FSD, with the owner having sixty days to decide to purchase FSD at their original price.

    For those that sell their Tesla, they should have the choice of selling their FSD order with it's locked in price on to the new owner, or keeping it and applying it to a new vehicle. I believe that all of these ideas would garner Tesla a lot more good will, since with unheard industry leading profit margins, they are not so strapped for cash that they could not afford to implement version of this program.

  2. Total agreement… , FSD should be either transferrable or refund Customers who claim it… Actually, to be honest, I found very/very strange People buying something which doesn't exist yet :)), why not just waiting full/proven delivery ?? Very good news to see radar back in the picture.. as good as could be your eyes, if humans would have had "radar capabilities" like bats or dolphins :)) who knows what their capabilities would have moves to…. Ryan, Great videos !!

  3. Fsd is a waste of time and money. Not even interested in it. Their cruise control sucks. The fit and finish of the car is cheap.

  4. This video answers two of my biggest issues.

    1- elon way oversold the hell out of FSD. People have been buying a feature for years that doesn’t work as he promised. I could never understand why there wasn’t already a class action suit. I kept thinking “am I missing something? If you bought an iPhone that was supposed to have a feature and apple never provided that feature wouldn’t there be a Class action in like a week? Give the refunds elon!!! Lots of people paid for it and never even got to use it, because they sold the car before it was ever fully functional. They were lied to. (And I love Tesla, elon and owned an awesome model Y. I’m just not of fan of being ripped off. I’ll stick with autopilot thanks. But I would feel way safer with radar and cameras. Which Bring me to my next point.

    2- I couldn’t believe they pulled radar. I am so not surprised they are talking about bringing it back. They need to bring it back (hopefully higher def and faster processing etc). It can make self driving way safer. The camera may be tricked by large stationary objects, sun etc, but the radar would help sense objects. I just don’t get it. Humans eyes are tricked often. When my Prius radar senses a slow car ahead while on cruise control it slows down. So simple. Maybe it uses cameras too, but why would risk it elon? Seems foolish.

  5. I cannot think of ANY other product that customers pay for upfront which is essentially a research facility with paid-up beta drivers risking their cars and insurance without compensation to validate.
    It’s a strange enough paradigm anyway, but approaching the definition of a scam when you consider the same promises have been given for – what? six or more years.
    If a large number of vehicles get to the end of life without this function there’s going to be hell to pay.
    I’m in no way decrying the progress that’s been made – it’s stunning. But the last – absolutely critical – percent or two isn’t apparent and it seems from the many beta videos that an element of panic is creeping into the project with each update being two forward and two – but different – back.
    Then we have zero information about ANY advance for those of us who paid the same outside the US of A: does Tesla really think that the problems involve for example just driving on the other side of the road? It’s a gigantic project to incorporate millions of road rules and different legislation and I would expect teams of thousands to be working on all the countries’ programs that have been sold. Do they exist? We just don’t know.

  6. The crashign into first responders and emergency services is the same reason others do, the bright lights that blimd oncoming drivers. If Tesla was using radar more then cameras, then FSD wouldn't crash as much due to the lights would not blind the radar as they do the cameras.

  7. These EV cars are inconvenient, take too long to charge, not enough infrastructure for them. They are expensive, now I hear the mfg is going to charge a subscription service for certain things. They are too hard and too expensive to get repaired. The batteries are too expensive to get replaced. Not enough repair stations. …and Tesla is in bed with COMMUNIST CHINA!

  8. People living in apartments without garage accommodations can not facilitate an EV. Even the estations seem to avoid the areas of multi family dwellings.

  9. You do understand the price of gas is artificially high and once the Democrats are out of power, the price of gas will come down?

  10. I dont mind paying for FSD befor its solved but it shud follow you forever wi any future purchase of Tesla vehicles


    GOVERNMENT is only HELPING CORPORATE recover their INVESTMENTS, WE are being FORCED to make those returns.

  12. Huge fan of Elon, but can he start calling it Beta 10.70 for Gods sake. Those "funny numbers" stopped being funny to most people after junior high.

  13. Also, I bought FSD for $7000 in 2020 in my model Y (same timeframe as you) and I have buyers regret. I'd love a refund. I have a model x on order, and NOT ordering FSD. No gracias.

  14. And perhaps you can find out why lumbar support isn't saved in the driver profile. It should be! thanks!

  15. I am on my 2nd Tesla. My first one was a Model 3 I bought used on ebay. It came with Enhanced AutoPilot which I seldom used while driving because "I like to drive." It had the Summon feature which was a nice party trick and I do miss it because "I like parties." However, I had the opportunity to upgrade to FSD when I purchased my Model 3 used for only $2000, I declined. The guy I bought the Model 3 from had paid $5000 for the Enhanced AutoPilot and since it was a 2018 Model year it transferred to new owner (me). I don't think it works like that anymore. When I got my 2021 Model Y Long Range, I was very sad that I'd lost the Summon feature, but there was no way I was going to pay another $8000 just to get it back. Until all the glitches are out and FSD is given a clean bill of health by the regulators I am not paying good money for it. I don't think anyone else should have either, but what others do with their money is their business not mine. I knew, and anyone buying a Tesla should have known if they did their due diligence before making their purchase, that FSD did not make the car "autonomous" and that it wouldn't do so for quite some time depending on how soon Tesla could make it work and the regulators approved it. Nobody got fleeced as far as I'm concerned. Elon probably believed everything he was saying when he said it, I hope he did. In manufacturing, things don't always go as planned, especially manufacturing cutting edge technology like fully battery electric vehicles you are trying to make drive by themselves. Elon has said he'd rather be an optimist and be wrong, than be a pessimist and be right. This thinking causes him to over-promise and under-deliver a lot of the time. He's got a lot of balls in the air.

  16. Ryan Shaw formula for video titles: say something negative or contrarian about Tesla (no matter if deserved or not)

  17. Come on, Tesla…. Hurry up & finish FSD; you know that revolutionary thing, no one else could ever complete.

  18. Funny thing is, people in Australia where I live (and no doubt other countries) are buying FSD.. I'd be dubious buying it in the U.S. but in Australia I'd assume we are years away before ever getting a sniff of it

  19. The radar may be a desirable addition the the Tesla system. A high resolution radar actively aimed at specific targets whorls be useful.

    This would be different from a radar feeding all target information into the FSD system.

  20. I love my model 3, but honestly next time around, I’ll be looking at other EV options. I’m kind of done with the tesla business model of once you buy your car, we don’t even know you anymore mentality. Even after placing an order for the vehicle, almost every single sales advisor just blocks your number or disappears on you. Then once you take delivery, they treat you like you’re inconveniencing them if you need work taken care of on the vehicle, etc. Aside from that, I can’t even get SiriusXM or 360 camera view for parking, something even minor EV players are including in their vehicles. I love tesla for the vehicles they’ve built, I love the fact that model 3 was/is the most American car by build and content you can buy, etc but it’s just not worth the price and wait anymore

  21. Being from Detroit- it’s DEFINITELY the massive amount of BIG3 workers- I do see slow consideration of EV from my friends/family who work from them now that the BIG3 have committed to making EVs

  22. Well, I have not been too sympathetic with complaints about FSD, because it really is a hard problem and the software has improved enormously – probably really on average better than human (99.9_%, not yet autonomous obviously). However, this was a particularly good video about the problems and perceptions. Moreover, reading all the different kinds of complaints in the comments (so many of them, none positive to speak of – particularly, the non-transferability, etc.), I am beginning to revise my opinion. $6,000 or $15,000, with not much to show for it, frankly seems unreasonable. A bunch of ligation over what is essentially software documentation is also seems ridiculous. It might be time for Tesla to completely and thoroughly rethink its position on this issue. Subscriptions, driver shadowing for R&D, and Tesla insurance coverage; maybe some credits, coupons, or recompense for early adopters; emphasis on advanced autopilot software as a standard for all cars; delay of "full-rollouts" until Hardware 4 with new cameras and radar fusion; etc. – all or any of these (plus other ideas) might be part of a new "package" fairer and easier to understand and use reliably.

  23. Yes. FSD transferable definitely, it's only fair. I wouldn't buy it until it works. Refunds and withdrawal on the function should be offered m those that want it. Elon is really remiss to keep promising and not delivering. Unpromise and over deliver is the best method. It's obviously far more complicated for software developers to create than Elon has any idea of.

  24. The FSD situation would be less of an issue if it didn't stick with the car. People would at least know that they can use it without having to pay for it all over again, even if it is 20 years from now. Even providing a future discount for someone that already purchased FSD on another vehicle, or a one time transfer option would make a lot more people less frustrated.

  25. Agreed- the problem is not Elon however as he should be allowed to dream, so to me the lawsuit seems wrongheaded, but I agree that with it being so expensive, folks should be allowed a refund if they want it.
    Anyone who has driven in a chaotic environment like Brazilian city traffic, or Rome or India, knows that FSD will likely never work. A human driver needs 100% of their concentration to stay with traffic and avoid collisions, highly nonuniform speed bumps, potholes and unexpected dips in the road. It still could be incredibly valuable for highway travel to reduce stress.

  26. 100% right a refund option should be for all who wait for FSD longer than 12 months since purchased or sold the car and never have a chance to use the software.
    I love Tesla & SpaceX, but the way FDS was handled is very, very bad and I understand anyone who takes legal action against it.

  27. Problem is that he is saying one thing to consumers and a completely different thing to regulators. He tells regulators that they are not even attempting level 4 autonomy (also known as full self driving)

  28. Swallow your ego and put Lidars in cars. Technically full self driving is already solved with Waymo. Those cars have 100% safety score to my knowledge. If not, Tesla will soon be surpassed by all the other car manufacturers, as evident by GM Supercruise, which does not require hands on wheels.

  29. Make FSD transferable to those that want to keep it. If you can subscribe to FSD for $200 a month refund $200 for every month people have had it since ordering FSD for their cars and it is still not operational.

  30. Why the radar controversy.? Tesla is free to add it when it brings value to the driving experience. Tesla innovates which is why it doesn't stagnate.

  31. FSD owners should have the option of a refund or transferable to their next vehicle since mine will be worn out before FSD is actually ready. If I could replace my car and transfer FSD cost that would be fair and it's truly the only thing keeping me from buying another Tesla.

  32. Does Autopilot braking and stopping relies completely on seeing brake lights activating on the car in front of you? I was just driving on the freeway, a huge moving truck was in front of me but it seemed erratic so I was extra cautious, my Autopilot was engaged, the truck stopped suddenly no brake lights working, my Model 3 didn’t stop, I stopped the car on time but my heart also stopped for a second, what a scare…. I’ve never thought about it, but is it possible the non functional brake lights had something to do with it?

  33. I have beta. Cameras only will Never be enough. I spent a fortune only 5 months ago on fsd. The hardware upgrade better not take years on existing.

  34. Tesla are missing a trick, the ecosystem. Make the fsd transferable from car to new car. You now have a customer who will go from Tesla to new Tesla like they do from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 every few years. As well as never switching to another brand, always Tesla

  35. It’s not gas, it’s the fact that uber is renting electric vehicles out to their drivers And everyone is getting a chance to ride in them. People see how nice the cars are, and they’re buying them in droves.