Goodbye iX – Hello Model 3 – iPhone 14 Debacle – Running Errands… This Is Not A Creative Title

Join Kyle for a day of very boring errands

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  1. If you still haven’t found out, that symbol with the fan and the “grill” is for the auxiliary heater. In Europe those are mostly diesel burners, but I thought those can’t be used in the US, so I don’t know what kind of heater is mounted on that sprinter. 🤷‍♂️

  2. Kyle your nice to let people drive your cars I couldn’t afford to replace things If they didn’t pay. Hop dom doesn’t wreck your car

  3. Since you have a apple phone. Use it too tap with your ea pass in apple wallet to start the charger after you plug in so people know you don’t need to look for a number or swipe on the app. Your friends all electric family need to learn that. And Alyssa mom and dad can learn that. So much simpler

  4. I would go iX first, E-tron second and that’s it. Tesla quality is terrible on the X and very overpriced and overhyped.

  5. If I take away nothing else from these videos of your local stomping grounds……gorgeous scenery around every corner! Not gonna lie….I'm a little jealous. Also, I had a 2014 Volvo S60 with a very similar ext/interior color combo to that Audi ….by far my favorite interior of any of the near 25+ cars I've owned in my life.

  6. So glad that Dom is going to use your Tesla and I hope he gets his Bolt soon🤣 you're a true friend. Alyssa is so real we enjoy her as well.

  7. Great video.. Love these, just a regular day.. sorta a vlog.
    Regarding the Highway congestion.. I see this on almost ALL HOV lanes I have seen around the country. The HOV is mostly empty, and the other lanes are packed. Here is an idea.. Get rid of the HOV lanes.. your losing 1/3 of the road capacity.
    I also agree with Alyssa, Tesla has great drivetrain tech.. But they are pretty boring on the inside.. and lack even basic customization. Even a 2017 Bolt EV has some ambient lighting.
    Love all your channels.. Keep up the great work..
    And the funny banter between Kyle and Alyssa

  8. Your review of the BMW and range test convinced me to go with BMW. The grill is meh but I like the range.

  9. I am curious to see the new improvements on the Sprinter. Our company has operated many vans, including the Sprinter, but the Ford Transit with the EcoBoost so far has been the best model we have owned.

  10. zipper ftw! One time while zippering, a clown in left lane tried to block me by straddling the line. He got instant karma as he got pulled over by the state patrol that was two cars behind me, lol.

  11. That was absolutely the right way to utilize all available roadway and zipper only at the end. The fact that a lot of people do not know that and believe that the proper driving rule is to all congest into one occuoied lane shows how bad driving instruction is the USA.

  12. Oh god finally getting rid of that BMW. I just don't even bother clicking on those videos.. Too expensive, great tech but simply too ugly to even consider.

  13. The only time I drive i25 is very early morning or very late at night. Any other time risks me becoming a homicidal maniac.