Tesla starts discounting Model 3 & Y – more price cuts are coming

Tesla starts discounting Model 3 & Y – more price cuts are coming

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  1. Not including tax is an insane way of comparing cars. The average tax is the US is around 6% – in the UK, its 20%. A 5th of the price. So having a small discount on the retailer end still doesn't equate to a car thats cheaper than the US.

  2. 41000 cheap without tax is claimed. Including 21% tax in Europe that's still almost 50000 euro's. Yep, still expensive, perhaps not relatively, but in absolute sense, yes. With Elon's original forescast of a 35000 euro model 3, with 21% tax in Europe, would then make it just over 40000 euro's, which would make more price sense. So no, I can't look at msrp price realistically, without including destination market tax AND overhead costs. The car will always cost more than budgeted.

  3. So the future is EVs. Customizing an EV is going to be fun. Wheels & tires, paint job, upholstery, sound system, tint job (as long as it doesn't interfere with the onboard cameras). The interiors of Teslas are pretty spartan, lots of room for upgrades beside OTA. The auto parts stores are going to be converted to customization shops. LOL

  4. Time for recession and massively great margins of TESLA to crush cheap knock-offs, especially Chinese junk! Nio can't even build their own, so they will never have good margins. Now, #1 tesla will show all cards! Full house, I love it

  5. Yahhh! I've heard it said that Tesla focuses on the China market at end of quarter. I don't think they will reduce prices in the United States for quite awhile. Jesus Christ is the only way to God the father and heaven. Please get a Bible and read it carefully. God bless you.

  6. The question for Tesla is timing. If they randomly drop the price by large amounts that will annoy those who have just bought, however, if they gradually and incrementally lower it, then the price range gradually opens up to successively more and more demand. IMHO Tesla should have in Australia kept the RWD base model at $59k, for price stability, let the wait times blow out to over a year, and then sent 50 boatloads over once they'd sorted out the Giga Shanghai lockdown issues from a few months ago.

  7. So they are givng us back 1200 out of the extra 7500 they charge be+ause of the TAX credit?! But now they are trying to keep you locked for insurance forthe life of the vehicle…it is not FREE…not even close….when the car goes back to the original price before TAX credits…maybe then Tesla can sell more vehicles…..

  8. Anyone complaining about pricing. Needs to make more money. Stop asking a company to cater to you

    Start taking control of your life and own it and get what you want from it. Stop asking someone to help you. Help yourself.

  9. Unfortunately we need more range than 300 miles. Also we also can't afford new evs, but a lot of us need to travel long range to get specialized care.

  10. They have no other options because people cannot afford Tesla with that price. You have to understand China is not in good terms with U.S. the supply can go down in matter of hours.

  11. Elons first master plan doesnt mention, to earn as much money as possible, but the contrary. Makeing the best electrics cars to so huge numbers, and then be able to gradually lower the price, until everyone can participate. That why Tesla is different to ordinary ICE.

  12. Screw you, anti-union douche-viking. You're a horrible person and you have no clue what you're talking about. Stop showing up in my youtube feed. You're not green. You're full of carp. You're not even a viking,. You're an oz-stralian. Get over yourself!

  13. Tesla insurance for people in the Northeast specially NY is about $2400 every 6 months with no accidents, all discounts.. It really depends on where you live.. Metro cities are very expensive so what you had stated $1200 for insurance is not true, I wish it was! Maybe if you live in middle America..

  14. Seems inevitable they will export CHina-made cars to the US, which will be problematic for anyone thinking they are getting the $7500 tax credit.

  15. The price of the model Y RWD is 53 600 USD in Sweden (tax deducted). Don’t think there is any discounts. The LR etc have had prices raised some 10 000 USD over the last year.

  16. Base version MY in the UK with no add on's is £52k Incl VAT ($59k) with 2 month delivery – Still not a bargain…..(Note VAT and Delivery fee is £10k! lol) interesting that Full Self-Driving Capability £6,800 .. could be a bargain at that price compared to the US $15k

  17. It’s a bargain if you’re wealthy. How about starting a debate on the child labour digging the raw materials. The tape of the countryside and the appalling pollution in manufacturing those raw materials. Then let’s talk about pollution in making the cars and scrapping the current cars. Sadly your sort of biased one side of the story distracts from the truth.

  18. You clearly do not know who Elon is. Prices were coming down before covid. I think there were two price decreases. Elon said at one earnings call or SH meeting that they only wanted to make 1-1.5% profit overall. You probably don't even believe that because you think that Elon is a greedy bastage like all CEOs. You don't know jack. He said prices were embarrassingly high and he meant it. The only reason they're high is due to unacceptable wait times. Period. The guy doesn't lie and you would know that if you had watched as many of his interviews as I have. Do your homework before projecting.

  19. Tesla is closing retail locations all over China. Lowered prices in China. Not a good sign for a company. The reality is there is a ton of competition and they’re losing loads of customers due to poor customer satisfaction. Y’all think Tesla isn’t in a bubble you’re blind

  20. An electric car, while unarguably more efficient than fossil-fueled vehicles, is only "better for the environment" when the electricity used to power it comes from non-fossil fuel sources. If coal is being burned to create electricity to power electric cars, then there's really no argument for the added efficiency of the EV. It's like using an open fireplace to heat a modern home.

  21. Over the last year I have seen the prices go up and up and up while they removed small inclusions. I remember the model 3 performance at $96,000 au if you included tyres, no pain and white interior. The same car and features is now over $119,000 au. As for including insurance to get about a $1000 discount, the discount is once and the insurance will probably continue to be charged for the life of the car so that discount is not as big as you make it sound. In fact, it would not surprise me to discover the price of the insurance has gone or will go up to recover this amount over the following years. Buy the car because you like it and think it is good value for the price, but do not be fooled by clever accounting.