Tesla Model 3 – Rear Drive Unit Replacement P1

In this video I show the removal of my Tesla Model 3’s rear drive unit in my garage. The motor suffered a catastrophic internal failure and will have to be replaced.


  1. I've watched your videos with great interest and appreciate how you spell it out technically and focus on content. I recently purchased a wrecked M3 performance and discovered the CV axle was loose on one side, with the place on differential where the CV axle went all chewed up. I'm curious if yours had the same problem. I was able to get my differential sleeved by a specialty machine shop locally and I'm waiting on a bearing, since the shavings damaged the bearing that was in there. So far, the fix has been about $1000, which is way less expensive than a replacement motor.

  2. So your motor leaked oil at 150k miles? Are you tryingnto fix the leak or replace motor with used one? Very interesting. I own 2 MYP's and want to keep them until wheels fall off so this is interesting