Tesla Software Update 2022.28.2 Solves A Very Annoying Problem + Adds Three Things

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  1. Hey guys thanks for watching my stuff! Please help me get to 40k subs so I don't feel like such a dud…

  2. Waiting for the safety notifications to be moved up to the top. Very annoying to look down while driving. Also the trunk open button needs a delay function to prevent accidental opening. At least while backed in to chargers… On the app the trunk button is too large and too close to other buttons

  3. FYI these games were removed from all new cars due to lack of storage but we’re just added now. Older models had this already.

  4. That’s weird, I’ve had sonic since the Christmas update and the other 2 since I got the car last September

  5. Us FSD users don’t get this cool stuff and have to just look the other way to wipe away our tears of disappointment …🤟🏼

  6. Just great more games, instead of fixing the Dashcam Viewer or giving us the ability to toggle off headlights flashing with Sentry Mode.