BMW i4 M50 3 month review. What’s good and bad? Will I keep it? Compared to v Tesla Model 3 or S ?

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So it’s been 3 months since I collected this BMW i4 M50 brand new. What do I think exactly? What’s good, what’s bad and is it good enough for me to keep it?

I share come thoughts plus reference some comparisons to Tesla Model 3 and S plus Porsche Taycan and Audi Etron GT

I’ll let you know…

Thanks for watching!

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  1. I always find BMW pedal and tunnel a pain and like Richard I find it cramped, however I have size 12 uk feet

  2. No wonder it's tight in the rear, look at the length of the bonnet!! Wasted space on an electric car where Tesla gives extra space to the cabin.

  3. The one million dollar question is: are BEV BMW's as unreliable (and bottomless money pits) as their ICE brothers?

  4. No frunk, transmission tunnel, avg HK audio system (guess they figure name only is good enough), … boy, BMW went all out.

  5. The i40 E40 is having a frunk made for it with decent capacity. My view the e40 with high spec is the better choice with higher range less weight and more balance handling. Will be interesting to hear your views shortly

  6. I have driven an i4 edrive for 2 months now and the experience has been amazing. It’s my first electric car and so far I have enjoyed driving it. Yes, the space is limited at the back but it’s superior in ride quality as compared to Tesla.

  7. I’m with him on the sound system—I know Harmon bought everyone else out, but they’re not B&O by any means. I wish VW put those high-quality speakers in all their “flagship” motors…

  8. Compare the i4 m50 with tesla it is compared Dacia and Audi ! The price and vehicles have nothing comparable to bmw above…..the proof 97% the owner of Tesla completely redo their cars at the accessories shop ….I wonder if finally you don’t arrive at the price of the i4 m50🤔😉?

  9. Hey Richard, nice and and honest review, very detailed and very useful! 👍
    I'd suggest you to take a closer look at the iX3. The car is surprisingly good, regardless of its "hybrid" platform, that supports both ICE and BEV cars.
    The iX3 has a more rear-biased weight distribution, which makes it fun to drive in corners (you have to push it though to get the feeling — unless you do, it's just a very comfortable car).
    I'm not a fan of SUVs, but I actually find iX3 very practical. 360⁰ cam is a good help for precision parking at charging stations, etc.
    It's kind of a car that doesn't shine or have a killer argument for it — but it's basically almost faultless, and the whole package makes it a really, really good car!

  10. Hi Richard – great channel & reviews! Will you reviewing / buying the BMW iX xDrive40 or the BMW iX xDrive50?

  11. I can't help feeling that a number of the criticisms arise from it being a mixed platform. Can't wait to see what BMW do when they bring out an EV only platform to replace this, just keep that designer responsible for the grill away from the project.

  12. Mmmh. The i4 M50 I drove didn't exactly amazing interior materials and felt not worth its price interior quality wise (I think the second cheapest seat option and no extra dashboard leather). Hard plastics at the lower door cards and I really didn't like the gloss black (at all) mixed with dark-grey plastic buttons.
    Meh car for me. Appreciate your statesman like version of honesty though.

  13. Love the looks. Itd get my money if I was purchasing an EV.

    I suspect there will be a ground-up built 3/4 series EV model from BMW within the next 5yrs. The fact that the i4 is squeezed into an ICE body dont half impact the overall package. Rear room being the biggest bummer.

  14. Great and honest review! I still wait for my M50 which will be perfect for me.

    Drive alone mostly and have my son every 2nd week. Tesla network is open so long distance travels will not be an issue.

    I will definitely not have the 20 inch (-16% range) wheels. I opted for the 19’ (859M) wheels with better range and comfort.

  15. Great summary – my m50 delivery is due in 10 days time with a Model 3 Performance due in December (my 3rd Tesla). Not long before I make my big decision as to which one to keep. I hate the Tesla quality and hollow taps but I keep coming back as the other manufacturers just can’t match the efficiency and simplicity.

  16. It is unfortunately a very expensive car, especially compared to the Model 3. At least once you put some options on it. That rules it out for me, no matter how much nicer it is inside.

    The left foot space issue has also been reported by RHD Polestar owners. Seems to be a feature of converted ICE cars maybe.

  17. Nope…. Even after over 6 months of seeing them around… that front remains just plain hideous… and my experience with my Bmws, combustion engine ones admitted, had enough wouldnt ever get one again … way to many issues…

  18. Owning a non -Tesla sounds stressful !

    I do lots of cross-Europe journeys. I can’t imagine having to plan and execute a charger route. The Tesla does it all for me.