Hyundai casts new Ioniq 6 sedan as a Tesla Model 3 rival

Hyundai casts new Ioniq 6 sedan as a Tesla Model 3 rival.
Hyundai unveiled its new Ioniq 6, a sedan that it says will deliver range on par with the Tesla Model 3, issuing a direct challenge to the best-selling battery-electric sedan on the market.
The Ioniq 6 — the follow-up to Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 SUV and the second model in its Ioniq EV sub-brand — will travel 610 kilometers (379 miles) on a fully charged battery, based on the European WLTP test cycle.
That exceeds the 602 kilometers under the WLTP test cycle for the Model 3 Long Range.
That’s a significant accomplishment, given that Tesla has long-served as the benchmark for EV range.
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“While many competing EVs have been edging closer to Tesla’s range ratings, relatively few have matched or exceeded them,” said Ed Kim, president and chief analyst for AutoPacific.
The Korean automaker, which has set an ambitious goal to become a top-three EV provider in the U.S.