KLH Model 3 Loudspeaker Review, Plus: Win a T-Shirt in Kevin's Music Competition!

Win an Upscale, PrimaLuna, or Tannoy T-shirt in Kevin’s two-note music competition!

KLH’s best-selling acoustic suspension design has been totally upgraded for 2022, bringing back only the very best of the 1970s. The two-way KLH Model Three simply disappears, offering a beautiful midrange and holographic imaging. The Model Three uses real-wood veneers, and comes with cloth grilles, and high-quality stands.


  1. I could not guess it but here is a cute story. I am now 71.5 years old. I used to assist a buddy spinning records on the weekend for a local radio station. One day I just shouted out I can name that song in no notes! I shouted the title out. No one was more suprised than me when they started playing that song. I enjoy dreaming over your products. I hang with DIY builders and Nelson Pass in SFO. I was building tume amps before I was age 10. Have a great day. James in Northern, CA

  2. I'm 70 and I do not know anybody of a similar age without a history of drugs.
    Amongst the boomers who (at least claim) to have not indulged… Donald Trump.
    Give me the acid every time.
    And yes, it does give me a certain intensity of memory or experience of music.

  3. Locomotive Breath/Jethro Tull? (No) -As far as listening to music "under the influence": In an absolute sense, THC will make ANY system sound an order of magnitude better. More exciting, more coherent, more interesting -it will sound like you're listening in the halls of Valhalla. After pondering this phenomenon my entire life (from 16 onward, I'm now 69 YO), my opinion is that THC can be described as "Artificial Enthusiasm". Please note: I respect THC FOR THIS ACTIVITY ONLY! I don't like doing anything else in this mental (dimensional?) state. I'm currently in a place where THC is not legal and I respect the Law. My time is coming.

  4. Classical Gas. Here's the story as I have heard it. Edgar Villchur had this great idea on how to make speakers smaller than their current production size in order to get a good bass response. The tradeoff was efficiency. Edgar did not want to start a company; rather, he wanted to patent his idea and get money for that. First, he contacted Altec Lansing who had been making speakers for about 50 years. Their response was: "if this worked, don't you think we would have come up with that by now?". Then he sent "white papers" to his friend Rudy Bozak who made killer speakers in the New England area, but Bozaks were fairly large. Rudy responded: "I have read it several times but just don't get what you are trying to do." Edgar had an industrious student in his graduate classes at M.I.T. named Henry Kloss. Henry had a loft in Cambridge MA where he built one-off speakers for custom order customers. Henry built a prototype pair for Edgar designed within the new parameters with some off the shelf drivers and some customized ones and together they went up to Edgar's farm in upstate NY to listen and tweak. Henry's final conclusion: "you've done it". So, Henry said: "we have no choice but to build these ourselves as no one else seems to believe it can work". The original AR-1 is on display I believe at the Smithsonian. They had differences in business models and Henry favored 2-way systems while Edgar favored 3-ways, so Henry left to form KLH with some other geniuses and the rest is history.

  5. If you follow the YouTube Transcript after the 10:29 minute mark it say you can “purchase Black Girls” instead of Black Grills 😂😂😂

  6. I still have my 1973 vintage KLH Model 32s. I replaced the capacitors with better quality versions, replaced the iron core inductors with air core inductors and I recoated the cloth surrounds and added some internal bracing inside the box. It certainly was a great upgrade and made a huge difference in my Model 32s.

  7. My first time I realized I love the sound of music my buddies dad had a system can't remember what but he was a dentist so it was 2 bookshelf on stands and never heard anything like it before been hooked since

  8. Judging by the tempo of those two notes I'm torn in my guess, but I am going to lean slightly more towards My God by Jethro Tull. I have a music memory like You Kevin and it started about age 6 for me. No drugs were ever involved, did not really need them then….These days though, while I don't do drugs, that is not to say they are not needed…ha ha.
    Music is very special to me, it is energy. I listen not with just my ears, but my whole body. Now that the weather is changing I recently have been able to get back to listening on my system.

  9. Classical Gas, baby. Summer 1968. Mason Williams. Enjoyed every spin of it over the AM airwaves that season. Imbedded memories of the tune and all the teenage fun it inspired in me and my friends.