NEW Rear Passenger Touch Screen Display For Tesla Model 3/Y – Control Climate & Watch Youtube 2022

Exclusive release of a new rear touch screen display for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. With this accessory, you get a mini version of the main Tesla display and can perform climate control, seat heating, activate camp mode, dog mode and so many other car commands directly from the back seats.

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This is very similar to the small rear screen you find on Tesla Model S and X refresh. There is also a larger version of the screen that features the same controls, but it also adds entertainment application. You can watch youtube, movies and have Carplay feature for the rear passengers. This integrates seamlessly with the Tesla OBD port and provides not only entertainment for back passengers but also allows them to control various aspects of your Tesla, most import being the climate control. This unit is currently being exclusively shipped out to me in partnership with the company PimpMyEV. Both of these units are compatible with the older Tesla’s with Intel chip as well as the new AMD chips. I will be testing it and making a detailed installation and review video in the near future. Meanwhile, please check out my super cool tesla mods linked below in the description. Please make sure you are subscribed to the channel, share this video with other Tesla owners, comment below with your thoughts and expectations of this product, and I am going to be back with a detailed review soon! Thanks for watching!
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  1. Please make sure you are subscribed to the channel and share this video with other Tesla owners. I will do a detailed installation and review asap!

  2. Hello, please stop your internet site to switch language based on location, even If I choose a different language it's coming back to german

  3. Looking forward to this. Is there enough room to double connector to the OBD connect if you already have like a driver console product installed? Thanks Shiva

  4. This product looks awesome! I can't wait to see your video with this screen. Will you have an installation video as well as a review video?

  5. I'll need that to mount as a dashboard for my center console 😁. I will only use it for …. driving and not entertainment, at all.

  6. Looks awesome. Based on the video, I would like to see more usable screen and less black edge to the screen. Or maybe a smaller tablet with the same usable screen.

  7. If the large one has blue tooth or wired head phones So rear can play and or music of front I absolutely want it.

  8. Let us know if you can control fan speed or temp just for the rear passengers. I don't believe this can currently be done from the main screen in the dashboard of a Model 3.

  9. Please test how the larger rear screen may impact rear ventilation (as it looks like it may partially block those vents).