Tesla Model 3 vs Integra A-Spec Comparison

The Acura Integra A-spec is $10,000 cheaper than an entry level Tesla Model 3 so the question is: Which is the better buy? Especially for people not ready for electric. I cover the features of both cars and drive them in this video to help make your buying decision.

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0:01 Exterior comparison of a Tesla Model 3 and Acura Integra
2:10 sweating one out – INTOTHEAM Ad
3:07 What I love about the Acura Integra
3:44 Trunk space on an Acura Integra
4:53 Rear Leg room on an Acura Integra with a 6ft human
5:48 Driving experience os a standard range Tesla Model 3
8:16 What it’s like a driving an Acura Integra a-spec with a manual transmission
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  1. Gjeebs – how hard is the suspension in the Integra? Is it a sports suspension? I know you said in the video and in others how hard the suspension is in the 3 and the Y. But how much softer is the Integra suspension? Love your videos! Enjoy the comparisons! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Cool vid, nice to see a comparison, something that’s not done often. I could care less about having Apple car play or Android auto. The model 3 large screen is more than enough, I get my txts, calls, and listen to Spotify. When I ride in other cars I forget how dinky and clunky their screens are, you can only see a tiny part of the map when navigating! I’ll stick with a Tesla any day.

  3. Everything Gjeebs said is true. Except maybe the toilet stuff. The rest, I completely agree with. This is a transition period. In time there will be abs no reason to want a gas car, except for nostalgia. There’s something about a shifter and the roar of an engine tho…

  4. jeebs….99% of your audience cannot drive a manual let alone will buy one. i am the 1% (own 2 manual cars), and i have owned an integra previously, and im sitll not buying that one. should have been electric, could have been amazing for acura.

  5. Also to clarify when I said the Integra would be a better option for the city I meant if you don't have a good home charging set up or live in an apartment with no chargers.