Tesla Model S Plaid punks Colorado State Patrol

It’s drag strip season here in Colorado and in this video the Tesla Model S Plaid punks Colorado State Patrol! Enjoy!
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  1. 17 seconds in the 1/4 is the quickest they have?!! That’s super slow and I’d say the majority of the cars on the road are quicker. Plaid in a whole different league LOL

  2. So I have to come clean. The first video I saw of you I thought. “Who’s this young punk”. Having watched about 5 different videos I think your doing a good job.
    I think you have good observations and bring up valid points. I don’t know the magic formula for You Tube success but I wish you well. I have a 2022 Model S dual motor and so far it’s been a really neat car. Acceleration is awesome but there’s so much more to this car it’s just the icing on the cake. Greeting from California.

  3. I think our local PD has Chargers with 5.7 liter Hemi V8’s. No match for even the dual motor model S.