Lew Explains Experience Driving Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs Tesla Model S Plaid

Clip from Lew Later (Elon Borrows $1 Billion From A Friend…) –


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  2. real car enthusiasts will go with the Porsche and not Tesla because Tesla isn't a car, its software on 4 wheels

  3. Porsche engineers are Geniuses. I love how they look at things in such a pragmatic way.
    check out what they are doing in F1
    Tesla's owner gets the headlines even though he isnt the founder, but Porsche always does things at a top notch level.

  4. I'll always thank Elon for bringing EVs to the spotlight but I went with the Taycan, the way it handles and feels is just more mind blowing than raw power like the Tesla S I test drove. It really does feel like a 911 for how heavy it is. The Taycan looks way better too, I hope Tesla does a real refresh soon.

  5. I haven't tested Taycan so can't comment on that but is "blindfolding it" wise?

  6. The regen and braking are separate on the tesla. As it should be. You modulate via accelerator pedal. I just wish I can double the regen output and keep it that way

  7. Taycan is high end luxury electric car you can’t compare it with Tesla 🤣🤣

  8. There is no coasting in a race car. For example simply lifting off throttle in F1 has more stopping power than a road car that is under full braking power. That's without even touching the brake pedal yet in the F1 car. So i guess that point was not really valid.
    1 pedal or not, personal preference I'd say, there is no winner or loser.
    Good video, would be nice to hear from Lew which car he prefers and why!

  9. I think the most people do not care about racing, especially not on the normal roads, and therefore Tesla’s one pedal driving is much better for most of them.😊

  10. The comment at the end RE: Tesla Model S braking during auto pilot. The same can be said for Model Y too. It’s super intuitive and glorious in traffic.

  11. I'm I the only one who sees an issue in using ceramic break pads, that have better preformace when warmed up, for a car that barely uses its brakes?

  12. one pedal driving is one of my favorite features of my model 3. (besides the instant torque of an ev motor if that counts)

  13. I prefer the one pedal braking. But it would be nice to have a mode to switch between the way the Tycan and the Tesla work. Simple software implementation. But again, i do prefer the one pedal braking 👍

  14. As someone who for a short period drove multiple types of cars during the same span of time and saw spouses switch cars here and there in a one Tesla household, the Tesla approach is extremely intuitive. Except you don't get the opportunity to really get used to it if you are constantly using a completely different car that drives and brakes differently.

    Lew literally only has this issue because he doesn't only drive the Tesla. Which is understandable, but for 99 percent of people, it is a complete non-issue.

  15. Driving down a mountain is so nice with one pedal driving as you only have to modulate the accelerator pedal, and not have to constantly switch your foot back and forth as I would in the Taycan

  16. In track mode, you can increase the Regen in the Tesla significantly. Tesla is releasing factory carbon brakes soon btw

  17. You can adjust how much Regen you get in a Tesla by modulating the accelerator pedal: why do people act like the only option is to let off completely? You can precisely control the braking by how much you let off

  18. Lew is 100% correct. I often want to reduce my speed very gradually, which is impossible with traditional regen breaking.