800HP Porsche Turbo S VS Tesla Model S Plaid! *0-175MPH* #shorts


  1. On Nordschleife the 911 is 30 seconds faster, so I take the 911. When you lose to a Camaro, and beats a mere 300 hp FWD Hot hatch by just 5 seconds, when you have almost 4 times the power, you are not THAT fast.

  2. Of Porsche was catching up to it better after a half a mile it would pass it.stride man's GTR will beat it and my Audi R8 stage 2 twin turbo kit from Alex sheepy racing.all day long 😆

  3. Translation: 1020 HP still beats 800 HP, but the lighter weight of the tuned Porsche becomes more relevant over time

  4. that car meet was fun i enjoyed seeing all the cool cars also you rock that purple tesla

  5. That’s still a pretty big gap in hp 1200 hp 400 hp per motor vs 800 hp and again the aerodynamics of the plaid for straights come into huge play