FSD Beta vs Tollbooth

Has Tesla’s FSD Beta code allowed Highway Autopilot to conquer Tollbooth’s? Come take a ride with us and find out.

Car: Model S
Trim: Plaid
Hardware: 3.0
MCU: 3.0
Full Self-Driving: Enabled
FSD Beta: 10.11.2


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  1. The last few videos I've seen of FSD are showcasing a pretty well-developed system. It's looking IMPRESSIVE these days! I waited a long while before giving them a big fat 2-thumbs-up. It has looked wonky for a while but it's starting to look more mature to me.

  2. Not to change the subject. The last tollbooth i went trough a year ago in Georgia not using autopilot. They’re coordinating Florida & Georgia’s toll systems. When I stopped & asked about it they said I’d have to get a new Florida sensor & they’d sent me a toll bill. They never did. Just a heads up regarding the Florida/Georgia toll systems.

  3. Does the FSD Beta even work on german Autobahn? would be the final boss for FSD

  4. Ah, the Garden State Parkway. I’m from Fairfield. I designed those overhead color LED signs you see over the Turnpike and Parkway. Still waiting for my Black Long Range Model S. I ordered it in November 2021 and won’t be delivered until August 2022.

  5. Very challenging for FSD at 2:22. I think in normal circumstances, I would let that car to merge safely. If you take a look at the road lines, it was close in proximity to the merging vehicle. I think FSD had the same idea, but a tad bit too late. By the way, appreciate your content and it shows how far we've come in AI and autonomous driving.

  6. Full self driving will never work on Los Angeles streets. I look at these videos and there is hardly any traffic. My safety score is a joke.

  7. Interesting. you were slowed down by the van in front. Alone it might be different

  8. I’ve had good results with toll booths with standard autopilot as long as the lane lines are clearly visible all the way through the toll. Good to see you had a good result as well with this video. We’re getting closer and closer!

  9. Looks like Garden State Pkwy…handled EZ Pass with essentially no problems, but still a little flaky on high-speed merges from the right.

  10. I really really really want to be part of the FSD beta. I've had a hard time getting my safety score high enough and tried un-enrolling myself from the beta to re-set my score but now I don't have a safety score at all 🥲
    I've been patiently waiting for like 5 months but I would really like if you can help me to get the contact info of someone who can help me get the beta?

    One of the main reasons I got my Tesla was to be part of the journey to FSD and I feel like I'm missing out on the real learning portion of the journey 😕

  11. In the same 'area' as tollbooths are gates. We live in an area of many gated (equipped with automated openers for residents) communities, and so far Beta seems completely unaware of these and just plows right onward. I haven't tried it on a full closed gate. But to your point, I've had similar success as you've shown here too.

  12. I have FSD 10.2 ON my 2019 model 3 and it doesn't do Toll Booths w/o painted lane markers well.
    Also, what STILL confounds it is blinking yellow lights; it brakes thinking red light is next, which can create a dangerous situation for cars behind me. I've reported this problem to Tesla and after many previous FSD updates it's still not fixed. Maybe you can do a video on blinking yellow light issue?