Plaid Model S 50 MPH Crash – Tesla Are Safe!

My wife and son were hit by another car when they were stopped. The other car was traveling 50mph and admitted to not hitting the brakes. The Model S took the hit will but my wife was banged up bad. She will be recovering for a while. She will be back to normal before the car will. Subscribe to follow how the story ends up

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  1. Oh no Brian…so sorry to hear about this. Hoping for a speedy recovery for Karen and your son. The Toyota (it looks like it's a Corolla) took a serious hit. And it's amazing how well the Tesla held up. Not even comparing to yours, but last weekend I was at a Flea Market parked near a chain link fence, and while my wife and I were walking back to our car, a major gust of wind came by and lifted and blew over 2 canopy tents that a vendor had on the other side of the fence. I tried to get away as fast as I could, but the tent poles still managed to hit and damage my trunk lid in several places. Luckily I was able to get away, otherwise I'm sure the roof would have smashed and more damages would have happened to my Model 3.

    Wishing you well on this new adventure to bring your Model S back to looking great. But most importantly, wishes for Karen and your son in their recovery.

    — Paul (that guy that visits you from RI)

  2. I heard that the biggest mistake you can do is not get checked out for hidden injuries after an accident as that can lead to back issues years later

  3. I see no problem in profiting out of a car crash. That is, inherently, a time waster, why not make the best of it? You get a lot of downsides, it's ok to make a video and collect some ad money.

  4. I can bet anything that Toyota driver was on the phone… annoyed with distracted drivers man!!!

    Our cars are safe for real though, we don’t want accidents lol but we know our cars will definitely keep us safe.

  5. Pray 🙏🏿 your family is okay. That person had to be drunk to just drive straight into the
    back of her car like that. ❤️‍🩹

  6. The damage to the Tesla and her car was normal. Nothing Tesla specific about the visual outcome. The front of her car crumpled as it's supposed to do and as a Tesla would at the front. The rear of the Tesla has a crash brace (like every other car) and it's fairly strong and is why the car behind always looks far worse than the car it hits. I hate when fanboys always make out the Tesla is somehow doing something special in a crash like this, it isn't. Wait for the crash estimate it will be huge and the car could still be written off due to unseen damage behind the bumper, the energy has to go somewhere after all. The rear crash structure is higher than the front one on the car that hit it, that's all. Obviously documenting for a PI claim lol.

  7. I hope your family is okay. I’ll be watching your updates.

    How do you think a Model 3 would have done in this crash is it just the S that is so robust?

  8. This is so ridiculous. I’m so sorry this happened to you guys. Really glad Karen and your son are gonna be ok but still sucks so much. Totally unfair you’re minding your own business and someone comes along and ruins your day like that. I get accidents happen. But Charlotte has the most inattentive drivers I’ve seen in all the places I’ve driven which is plenty. Painfully easy for stuff like this to happen. Man I woulda been sooo pissed.

  9. Unfortunate for the accident to happen Sir, but glad to hear that they are safe. Wishing them a speedy recovery. Indeed, Teslas are the safest cars on Earth.

  10. Hope your wifey & son have a speedy recovery. Look forward to seeing the progress on your model S.

  11. I live in south Charlotte. Got rear ended in my Y. My car was repaired at Hendrick. Took some time, they did a good job. My only complaint was communication wasn't the greatest.

  12. This will be a good way to see what the current process for repairs are on a low production quantity car is. Also maybe you can get some shots of damage once bumper and panels are removed.
    Hopefully Karen makes a full recovery quickly.

  13. the trunk area isn't designed to crumple whereas the front is. The toyota actually did a good job protecting the other girl too. A car looking mangled is a good sign as long as the cage is good

  14. I hope for a speedy recovery for your wife Brian. Also, please make sure that your son gets his back checked out by a chiropractor and gets an X-ray done. He could have a herniated disc from the accident. I was rear ended just like this and have a disc herniated.

  15. We wish you complete safety and health 🌹

    but I wonder what the owner of the transporting car does at 7:31

  16. So sorry to hear. Hope everyone makes a speedy recovery. That section of interstate is tricky at best :/ All the best

  17. What a pain. Hope the wife recovers well. I don't care if you profit off it. You got a wrecked car now. Gotta get the money back.

  18. Make sure you go for diminished value as the collision and repair effect resale value.

  19. I was rear ended in my Tesla a year and a half ago. Took 2 1/2 months to get repaired. Partly due to getting parts, partly due to backup at the shop.
    Hope your family is fine.

  20. Wow I saw this video posted on a fb group for Tesla owners, I believe she was quotes like 6k to fix the damage I wonder if that was an accurate estimate

  21. Glad everyone's ok. Cliche but true, cars and wraps can be replaced, people can't. Keep us updated with the great content!

  22. SAME thing happened to my wife in her M3! Except the cams failed to record anything! Glad your wife and son are OK, i remember the whole adrenaline thing too, my wife was walking around then later on she was a mess and ended up in hospital. She was T Boned but her M3 held up like a sherman tank even though it was totalled.

  23. I hope Karen and your son has a full recovery! I was rear ended in my camry around the same speed as this accident, and the whole back end caved in. That Model S looked solid compared to my car.

  24. Did you immediately remove the Sentry flash drive out of the car when you showed up? Did you just unplug it, or did you go through the menu and 'dismount' it properly? Just curious, as I've always wondered what would be the best (and safest) way to quickly get the flash drive out of the car, without corrupting the footage, before the car is towed away after an accident. I'm sure most people may not be thinking about that after being in an accident, but if you drive a Tesla and know that it's always recording, then I would think you would want to grab & save that footage right away.

  25. Thanks for sharing, luckily all is well with your family and person who bumped. was your car repairable and how long did it take to fix all of it.

    I HAVE BEEN IN A COUPLE OF SERIOUS ACCIDENTS MYSELF…NOT MY FAULT…BUT CHANGED MY LIFE …and I hate to hear the screeching noises and watching them still makes me uneasy and I avoid watching them on UTUBE and especially when it’s someone I know 🤗😍😍😍