THE KING IS BACK * McLaren 765LT on Toyo R888R Tires vs Tesla Model S Plaid DRAG RACE

We line up the 765LT and Plaid for a rematch with a set of sticky Toyo R888R tires on the McLaren.
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  3. Yes, we know – in this one, and only one, measure of performance, the Tesla wins.
    However, as a world-leading supercar, the 765LT wins all day long, and we all know that too. Which car would you prefer for a windy canyon drive or a track day, which car would you take to the car show? Haha 🙂

  4. Would like to see the Plaid against Stradman’s GTR 👍. As quick as the Plaid is I’d take the 765LT if I was told to take one home.

  5. Never have i seen a tesla start to pull on an ICE vehicle, the plaid is an insane machine

  6. Electric cars are a turnoff. I'd rather drive a slow pig, like the McLaren (lol). Tesla has no soul to me. I'll stick with my turbo V8.

  7. is it just my feeling or not but i saw something running in the audience seats on the 5th race

  8. I’m sorry to say but IMO the Tesla win all 5 races, you can tell drag times try very hard to gave the Mclaren those two wins.

  9. I don’t care what anyone says the Plaid is an absolute beast. Can’t wait for Roadster 2.0 😈

  10. Considering the Plaid is just built for the quartermile, the Mclaren is way more impressive.

  11. Plaid has awd, limited traction, more torque, better aerodynamics, more hp what else are you gonna keep comparing it to?

  12. As fast as the Tesla is, it’s still boring. Rather watch something else race. The 765 is amazing!

  13. Blinding speed from both cars. But straight line speed is just one lone indice for what makes a car desirable, especially on streets where legal speeds keep getting lower, not higher.

    Like I keep saying, The Tesla likes to live it’s life 1/4 of a mile,at a time. After 1320 ft it can’t keep up the ICE boys. In fact it melts away. It’s quick but it’s not FAST! Huge difference 👍

  15. Seriously, should have been 5-0 to plaid. 2nd race was a very poor launch for plaid, not a true representation of the race!

  16. Hi
    I am trying to understand how can you put a tesla plaid witch is a 1000 hp agains 765LT witch is 760hp you cant compare that get the white 765LT that you was 1000 hp that you used now that is a good match